Dengue on Curacao

Dengue mug Curacao

One downside to vacationing in the Caribbean is that there are actually always mosquitoes. Some times a little less than others, but they are always there. And some mosquitoes are spreaders of diseases, such as Dengue. What is it and what can you do to minimize the chances of suffering from it? Last update March

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Curacao inspiration: Culture, Nature & History

Curacao cultuur natuur geschiedenis

Of course you come to Curaçao because of “sun, sea & beach,” but Curaçao is so much more than that! Do you also enjoy fully immersing yourself in the history and culture of your vacation destination? And do you want to not only completely unwind, but also learn something? Then Curaçao is the destination for you.

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Medical care for tourists

dokter strand Curacao medische zorg toeristen

-advertorial- Something can always happen on vacation that makes you need medical care. How is that regulated for tourists in Curaçao? In urgent need of an ambulance? Call 912 !!! The saying “accidents happen in the blink of an eye” certainly applies during vacation as well. Because you’re on vacation and want to relax, you

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Discover the top of Curacao: climb Mount Christoffel

Christoffelberg Curacao

Christoffel Mountain, at apr. 1,220 ft. above sea level, towers proudly over Christoffel Park, a protected nature reserve encompassing of almost 20,000 acres of flora and fauna on the west side of Curacao. Climbing this impressive mountain offers not only a physical challenge, but also a unique opportunity to explore Curaçao’s diverse ecosystem.

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Vacation villa in Jan Thiel

Jan Thiel vakantievilla | tuin met zwembad

max. 6 persons / 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / private pool Jan Thiel is the most popular neighborhood for tourists in Curacao. Plenty of beautiful accommodations, nice beach bars and cozy restaurants. In that neighborhood now stands this new gem as a vacation villa, surprisingly affordable! Vacation Villa Jan Thiel The vacation villa in

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24-7 Taxi Curacao


In Curacao, walking or biking is really not an option. It is too hot or lacks safe hiking and biking trails. How to easily arrange a cab? With 24-7 Taxi Curacao’s app, it’s quickly arranged. Need a cab now? Do you need a cab right now? A caller is faster! Call +5999 844 9247. 24-7

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Beaches of Curacao


Of course, a Caribbean island like Curaçao has beautiful beaches. Some more famous than others, but altogether over 40 beaches to enjoy. Blue Bay A wonderful beach for young & old. Pay admission, but it really is more than worth it. Cas Abou According to many (and various travel magazines) one of the most beautiful

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Compare Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao vergelijken

There are many boat trips to Klein Curacao and in terms of price, most of them are also pretty similar. So what are the differences that determine which boat you choose for you? Catamaran or Beachhouse? Actually, the most important choice you have to make is: Do you want to take a nice catamaran to

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Curacao airport transfer rates

airport taxi transfer curacao prijs

If you are going to Curacao for a wonderful vacation, you may still need to arrange transportation from the airport to your accommodation. More info on fees here. Rates equal Transfer Rates Curacao (per group) Below in the table an overview of the rates for a transfer on Curacao, sorted by district or accommodation. The

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Contact and more

NaarCuracao contactgegevens is a completely online business, with no physical retail outlet or the like. To get in touch with us, please use the following options. CONTACT FORM OTHER CONTACT WHATSAPPThe quickest contact is via Whatsapp, at no. +316 2916 8073. If you are viewing this on your phone, click here to send a Whatsapp message

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Sunset Trip

Sunset trip Breeze Curacao

This Sunset Trip by luxury catamaran is a wonderful end to the day. A wonderful 2.5-hour trip where you will watch the sun sink into the sea from the catamaran. Comfortable with all the space on the boat and, of course, provided with drinks & snacks. Romantic enjoyment!

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Top Excursions Curacao


There are so many fun things to do in Curacao! But what are the real top excursions? Which tours are the most popular and should you really book on time? Top 10 excursions 1. Klein Curacao A wonderful day trip to an uninhabited tropical island with beautiful beach & sea. 2. Dolphin Swim A unique

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Blog Posts

There is so much to write about Curacao! On this page you will find all kinds of blogs on all kinds of topics relevant to Curacao. Written by ourselves or by guest writers, but always fun to read and with useful tips and info.

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