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Swim with horses

$ 50
This is the excursion for horse lovers big and small: swimming with horses. A beautiful and animal-friendly tour that you and the horse will enjoy together.

Monday morning & Friday afternoon

Animal-friendly tour
Helping animals in need
grooming, hiking & swimming

Good to know: 100% of the proceeds benefit the shelter of the horses

Swim with horses

If you love horses, this is really an excursion for you. Together with the participants, you will pamper ponies and donkeys by first brushing him/her, scratching out the hooves and brushing. Next you will go for a walk, beside the horse toward the water. There you can enter the water that gradually gets deeper until the horse starts swimming and you can continue to walk along beside the horse. A wonderful activity that both you and the horses will enjoy immensely.

  • Completely animal friendly
  • 100% proceeds for charity
  • Caring, walking & swimming
  • Welfare of the horses is paramount
  • Including photos

What does Swimming with Horses look like?

Upon arrival, you will first receive an introduction to Pippi’s Shelter and a brief history of the horses being cared for here. This will make it clear immediately that the horses should all be approached gently and quietly in their own way, but also that they can greatly enjoy the loving care you will be giving them for the next 2 hours. Of course, this involves Tamara (founder of Pippis Shelter) seeing that everyone is “custom matched” with a suitable horse. If you are not yet that experienced with horse, no problem.
You start with a nice polish of the horse; lathering and rinsing. Of course, also scratch out the hooves and then brush the tail and mane. When all the horses look tiptop, it’s time to hit the road.
Next to the horse, you walk to the waters of the St. Jorisbay in appr. 10 minutes. Jorisbay. This will be a relaxing walk, along a public road with virtually no traffic passing by. Arriving at the waterline, it’s time for the most fun part: swimming with your horse! Beforehand, of course, you have already received clear instructions from Tamara on how to handle your horse, what you should or should not do and how your horse (and therefore you as well) can enjoy this activity the most.
It may take just a little shorter or longer each time, but you will spend appr. 45 minutes with your horse in the water. By then the horses will be getting a little tired and it will be time to walk quietly back to the rescue center. Here you can say goodbye where, of course, you may reward (thank!) your horse with some fruit.

Horseback riding not possible

LET OP: Mede vanwege de historie van de paarden is het onder geen enkele voorwaarde toegestaan om deze paarden te berijden. Ook niet in het water, ook niet door kleine kinderen, ook niet door zeer geoefende ruiters. Voor heel de duur van de activiteit zul je naast het paard wandelen of zwemmen.

Morning or afternoon session

Swimming with horses can be done twice a week. Every Monday in the morning, from 09:00 AM to 11:30 AM. On Fridays, Swimming with Horses is in the afternoon, from 16:00 PM to 18:30 PM.
If you would like to swim with horses on another day, this is possible by mutual agreement, with a minimum of 4 participants. If you want this on the weekend, a surcharge of US$ 12 p.p. applies.
The activity will continue with 4 participants or more (max. 12 persons). If there are less than 4 participants, you will receive a proposal for another time.

Pippis Shelter

Swimming with Horses is organized by Pippis Shelter, a foundation that takes in all kinds of animals that come from bad situations. Neglected, mistreated, disabled and/or dumped horses, dogs, donkeys, cats and even chickens are taken in by Pippis Shelter and can recover here and start enjoying life again.
Pippis Shelter was founded in 2012 by Tamara Nuijten and has since become a household name in Curacaos animal shelters. Many famous Dutch persons have also visited Pippis Shelter, including well-known “horse girls” Britt Dekker and Fenna van Dam.


You can swim with horses for US$ 55 p.p. Children up to 10 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult. If you want to come along just to watch then you must also sign up as a participant. You will be sent photos without extra charge, a few days after the activity.

100% for the horses

Good to know that all proceeds from this activity benefit the horse sanctuary. As an indication, your contribution to this excursion will ensure that Pippis Shelter has half a days worth of hay for all horses present.


Swimming with horses is outside in a -probably- brightly burning sun. You walk on a dirt road and through muddy water. Hence, we offer the following clothing recommendations:

  • Sturdy shoes are a must. Water shoes, flip-flops, croqs, sandals, etc. are all inappropriate. You can rent rubber booties at our place for US$ 3 per pair (sizes 3 to 10.5)
  • It is recommended to put on quick-drying clothes. Possibly a UV shirt is ideal. Bikinis, dresses, etc. are not suitable.
  • Cap and/or sunglasses are recommended
  • Shoes and clothing remain on during the swim and may (almost certainly) get muddy. So put on something that can get dirty.

This tour is organized by Pippi’s Shelter. If you book this tour, you make an agreement with Pippi’s Shelter. Pippi’s Shelter is the responsible party for the execution and quality of the tour.

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100% of the proceeds for the horses
Easy & fast online payment (a.o. creditcard and PayPal)
Great service, also outside office hours

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