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Diving – Discovery dive

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A discovery dive is an ideal way to get introduced to diving in a relaxed way. Some basic theory and then with personal guidance you’ll go into the water, as far and deep as you like.

To start right away with a PADI diving course of several days may also be too much of a good thing. At a discovery dive, you will first get the explanation of the basics including how to use your diving equipment, how to communicate underwater, etc. Then you will enter the water in a quiet spot and can go as deep as you feel comfortable with.

A discovery dive is possible every day

What does a discovery dive look like?

Most people who are introduced to scuba diving via a discovery dive find it a bit exciting, and we do understand that. A discovery dive always takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, small groups and with professional instructors who take all the time for you.
It starts with a theoretical part, which includes learning how to breathe calmly underwater with the scuba tank on your back. It explains how to communicate with your diving instructor underwater via universal scuba diving gestures. And the instructor will talk a bit about how to behave underwater (e.g., don’t touch coral, etc.).

First dive in pool or sea

Once the instructor has explained all the information, and is assured everyone understands it and there are no more questions, it is time to gradually start putting the theory into practice. First you are going to make sure, under supervision of course, that your diving equipment is complete and correct. After that, you will enter the water. Your first scuba diving experience will be in very calm water anyway. This could be a swimming pool, but if weather conditions allow, a quiet beach where there is little to no wave action at the shoreline will soon be sought. After all, a (trial) dive in the sea is just a little more fun and “real” than in a pool, right?

Once everyone is in the water (with their heads still above the water), the instructor will, again, step-by-step talk you through what to do, after which you will go underwater at your own pace. Some will snorkel right away and go deeper unnoticed, while others are still nervous and are a bit afraid to move their heads underwater. No problem, you decide how far you go and of course an instructor will stay near you for tips.

Ultimately, you decide how much you enjoy scuba diving and whether you really want to take a PADI scuba diving course.

Discover diving

  • Find out if scuba diving is your new passion
  • Everything at an easy pace
  • Continuous professional guidance
  • At a diving school nearby
  • Minimum age 10 yrs. old you can join
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The diving schools

We have selected two of Curaçao’s most popular dive schools that we know handle a discovery dive professionally. Of course, these two diving schools have English-speaking diving instructors and are all PADI certified. So if you do your scuba diving course here, your diving certification will be accepted worldwide.
Would you rather combine your discovery dive with a day trip to Klein Curacao? That’s possible at Miss Ann’s.

Dive Center Pietermaai

Dive Center Pietermaai is the diving school of Scuba Lodge, Curacao’s one and only original scuba dive hotel. Dive Center Pietermaai is located on the city beach in Pietermaai(downtown Willemstad) and brings you to the most beautiful dive sites with their cool Scuba Bus. Indicative time duration Introduction Dive: 4 hours.

Scuba Do Jan Thiel

Scuba Do is the dive center of Jan Thiel, the neighborhood east of Willemstad and this dive center is doing very well among tourists, so be sure to visit. At Scuba Do, you do the discovery dive at the house reef, or another location off the beach. Indicative time duration Introduction Dive: 2 to 2.5 hours.

The first step to a scuba diving course, book now!

Book your Discovery Dive on Curacao for only US$ 99 p.p. You now only pay a deposit of US$ 15 p.p., the remainder you pay when you check in at the dive center.

Why via

Choose a diving school nearby

Only a small down-payment when making the reservation

Change/cancel free of charge up to 24 hours in advance

Discovery Dive Curacao

Diving - Discovery dive

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