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Restaurant Curacao

Of course, with so much tourism, there is also a lot of choice for a restaurant in Curacao. Cuisines from all over the world, vegetarian, fish, meat, bbq, haute cuisine, sushi, something for everyone on Curacao!

Good restaurant on Curacao

In general, Curacao restaurant quality is good. Most restaurants focus on Western cuisine with meat and fish, with some Curacao restaurants also having some local dishes on the menu. Curacao is truly a country of meat eaters, so bbq/grill with delicious steaks are plentiful. But of course it is also definitely recommended to opt for the ‘catch of the day’ to enjoy delicious fresh fish.

Restaurant price level on Curacao

The price level of restaurants in Curaçao is generally just about the same what we are familiar with in the U.S.A.. At many Curacao restaurants, the more expensive main courses on the menu are in the neighborhood of NAF 50 to NAF 60, about US$ 27 to US$ 35. But keep in mind:
– Because of tourism, the prices on the menu of a restaurant in Curacao may sometimes be quoted in US dollars already
– Our experience is that for a dinner for 2 we usually get a bill of about US$ 75 to US$ 125, depending on how many courses, whether or not a bottle of wine is included, etc.

Curacao Restaurants: our Toplist

Based on our experiences, here is a Top List of restaurants at Curacao that we definitely want to recommend. These are not the expensive (star) restaurants, but rather the places where you sit nicely and get very good food for a normal price.

De Buurvrouw

Road to Westpunt
De Buurvrouw (The Neighbour) is truly one of those restaurants that “everyone” on Curacao who you ask has been to and is positive about. Just outside the city, but definitely worth the drive.

restaurant De Buurvrouw, Curacao

At De Buurvrouw, the menu offers plenty of choice. We have no distinct favorite dish here, simply because it is all so delicious. Meat, fish, salads, pizza and vegetarian: plenty to enjoy.
It is therefore no coincidence that you will encounter many returning guests here, including many Dutch people living on Curacao. It’s cozy at De Buurvrouw. You sit in a nice cozy round room and the staff makes it easy to chat with you.
Officially De Buurvrouw is an eatery, but with this atmosphere, the delicious dishes and the professional staff, you can easily call this just a good restaurant as well. Truly, at De Buurvrouw it is never disappointing!

De Buurvrouw – Road to Westpoint (Between Grote Berg and the turnoff to Kunuku Aqua Resort)

El Grill & Mexicano

Looking for a restaurant with something on the menu for everyone and really good quality, you should go to El Grill & Mexicano. El Grill & Mexicano is often fully booked in advance and it’s best to make your reservations on time.

restaurant curacao el grill & mexicano mambo beach

At this restaurant on the second floor of Mambo Beach Boulevard, you have a stunning view of beach and sea, between palm trees. It is attractively decorated and the staff is always cheerful. That makes for a good setting anyway. And then the food is yet to come!
For a good piece of meat, you’ve come to the right place. The quantity is more than enough, you sit cozily and the price is fair enough that even with a large group you cannot go wrong here. And as a bonus, you can walk along the beach of Mambo Beach afterwards. Our tip: go for the Argentine steak, as far as we know the most delicious meat in Curacao. So if you want to be cozy, eat good food and enjoy a nice view, then surely this is your restaurant for tonight.

El Grill & Mexicano – Mambo Beach Boulevard (1st floor on the side of LionsDive)

Maira’s Kitchen

A gem to visit, if only because of the colorful building. But of course, the menu is also well worth sitting down here for lunch, dinner or just a coffee.

Maira's Kitchen Otrobanda restaurant

The menu at Maira’s Kitchen is, in its own words,“Mediterranean inspired with a local touch.” Plenty of local dishes to choose from, as well as steak, fish, burgers, pasta and salads: all delicious. Our tip: go for the super tasty stobà, the local dish of stewed meat.
Even though Maira’s Kitchen is located in the heart of Otrobanda, you’ll be seated in a relaxing environment. Almost certainly you will hear the birds chirping as they sit cozily in the trees on the terrace. Maira’s Kitchen is a trendy restaurant, but in a relaxed atmosphere and with nice and helpful staff. And nice fact: Maira is not the owner’s name, that’s Erik. Should you have the chance, ask or Erik about the origins of the name Maira’s Kitchen.

Maira’s Kitchen – Hoogstraat 24. Open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 22:00, on weekends until 15:00

Restaurants at Curacao

Tinto Bar Y Cocina

Jan Thiel beach
This top list obviously includes a restaurant on the popular Jan Thiel. And then we choose Tinto. Not only because of the delicious food, but also because of its prime location. If you have a table on the dock, you can dine romantically at sunset.

Tinto Jan Thiel restaurant

We put Tinto Bar Y Cocina in this review because of its delicious food but also because of its great location. Tinto has a fun menu consisting of delicious Latin-oriented dishes with the Bites & Bubbles concept. Enjoy a homemade cocktail or choose from the fine wine selection. That sounds like the perfect evening, doesn’t it? The nice thing about Tinto is that the service puts you at ease to order whenever you want. After each dish, you can decide if you want to order more. Usually 2 or 3 tapas dishes are enough, but if you prefer one main course, that’s also possible. A delicious ceviche of red snapper, pincho of prawns and tournedos or spare ribs: you name it, Tinto got it!

Tinto Bar Y Cocina – Jan Thiel z/n (to the right of Zanzibar) – telno. +599 9747 0633. Open daily from 17:00 PM.

La Hacienda Olivia

Santa Rosa/Scherpenheuvel
This is what can truly be called a hidden gem. Great food, cozy seating and with a small petting zoo on the premises, plenty of entertainment for the kids as well. It is not in the tourist area, but definitely worth the drive there.

La Hacienda Olivia Curacao cozy dinner for young & old

La Hacienda Olivia is not very well known in Curacao, and for good reason. You have to search for a while to find it. But you really should do that sometime. Upon entering, you are surprised by the large space. Choose where you want to sit: at one of the longer tables or on a raised chair at a bar table, the right table for every setting. The menu gives you plenty of choices: salads, pasta, fish & meat dishes.
What certainly adds to the cozy and relaxing atmosphere is the small petting zoo that you can see right from your table that includes goats, a donkey and horses. You overlook a beautiful riding arena for the horses, where you can also get riding lessons.
Therefore really worthwhile for young & old: cozy and always delicious.

La Hacienda Olivia – Kaya Mila 12 – +599 9526 6311. Open daily from 17:00 PM.

On the grounds of Kura Botanica you will find the best burgers in Curacao, no doubt. After first making a nice “name & fame” for a few years as a pop-up restaurant, by the end of 2022 it was the right moment for a permanent location. Curacao best burgers

And what a location the men of have found: in the middle of the beautiful historic Kura Hulanda Village you can now go Wednesday through Sunday for the very, very best hamburgers in Curacao. Give tacky fast food burger, but real craftsmanship that everyone enjoys.
You have a choice of 5 burgers (+ 1 kids burger) and as a side-dish you can top it off with 2 varieties of loaded fries. Clear and all oh so delicious. And you don’t have to settle for the price either, all the burgers on the menu are NAF 26 to NAF 30 (US$ 15 to US$ 17).
You can visit for lunch or dinner, open from noon to 21:00 PM. (Fri, Sat and Sun until 22:00 PM).
Highly recommended! – Kura Hulanda Village – telno. +599 9519 4545. Open Wednesday through Sunday, starting at noon.

Pirate Bay

Piscadera Bay
Pirate Bay has been a very and beloved restaurant on Curacao for years, among tourists and locals alike. Top location: go for a table covered or on the beach. The menu offers a wide selection: meat, fish, vegetarian, plenty of everything.

Pirate Bay Curacao restaurant

The beauty of Pirate Bay is that you can go there all day long. For a morning coffee date, a nice lunch or just lounging on the beach: it’s all possible at Pirate Bay. The large beach house gives a cozy atmosphere. If you want a nice and romantic dinner, you do have to make reservations in advance to get a table on the beach. Relative to the quality, the price is also fine; all in all, you can’t go wrong with this.
If you prefer a pizza night, head to Tomatoes next door. From the same owner and also just as delicious.
Pirate Bay is not directly visible from the public road, it is located next to Dreams Curacao resort and you have to get off main road for a while. Ample parking in front of the door.

Pirate Bay Beachclub & Restaurant – Piscaderaweg – tel no. +599 9461 0183


On the grounds of Avila, Curacao’s oldest hotel, you’ll find Blues Bar & Restaurant. A prime location anyway (between Pietermaai and Mambo), but you also sit brilliantly right by the sea. Ideal for a romantic dinner at sunset.

Blues restaurant Avila Curacao

It’s cozy sitting at Blues. Cheerful colors, plenty of sea views and if you come in the early evening you will catch a magnificent sunset.
Blues has “Caribbean kitchen” with all kinds of delicious dishes with a local/regional touch. How about a delicious Curaçao Style Stoba (braised beef) or the Local ‘Must Try’ Sopi Marisko (fish soup)? And of course delicious seafood, caught fresh at the door.

If you can schedule it that way, go to Blues on Thursdays, there is always live music, blues music (of course!) or jazz. It is wonderfully relaxing to then enjoy a delicious dinner here.

Blues Bar & Restaurant – Avila Beach Hotel pier – tel no. +599 9788 1949. Open Thursday through Monday from 18:00 PM..

Food bar Op=Op

Almost every restaurant in Curacao has spareribs on the menu, but only one has the title “Best Spareribs in Curacao.” And that is without a doubt Eat bar Op=Op! But come on time, because it’s always busy and gone is really gone.

restaurant curacao spareribs op=op

Op=Op is an eatery that keeps it tasty & simple. The menu is on a large chalkboard at the entrance, with really only a few dishes on it, plus how many more of each dish left for that night. These are all to savour, but the most popular are really the spare ribs. According to many locals, this is where you get the best spareribs in Curacao, and we couldn’t agree more.
Note: of course, that name Op=Op (out=out) was chosen for a reason. If you arrive late, the popular dishes, especially the spareribs, may run out. And reserving a table is not possible. So we recommend feasting nice and early. Another delicious tip: Op=Op is one of the few restaurants in Curacao where you can order a delicious draft beer .

Eatery Op=Op, Curacao’s tastiest spare ribs, Pietermaai 1-7

Restaurants at Curacao

So many more good restaurants in Curacao

With the above top list, we certainly do not mean to suggest that there is no other good restaurant on Curacao. On the contrary, there are plenty of them! Below is a summary. If we have been there a brief review of our experience, without wanting to make an immediate value judgment.

Top restaurants in Curacao

Besides a restaurant on Curacao for an average night out, there are also some top restaurants on Curacao if you want something more luxurious than delicious spare ribs or a good steak. Of course, that comes with a “high-end” price tag.
Baoase – Winterwijkstraat 2 – > More about Baoase
Kome – Johan van Walbeeckplein 6 – 465 0413 – > More about Kome
Fort Nassau – Schottegatweg Oost 82 – > More about Fort Nassau – Stunning views!
Rozendaels – Pen Street 47 – 461 8806.


It is customary to tip in a Curacao restaurant. As an indication, you can use 10 to 15%. You can go just above or below that if you are hugely satisfied or actually not quite happy with the service offered anyway. Just be aware, some restaurant already do a service charge of e.g. 10% on top themselves. This will be clearly stated on the menu and/or receipt, so be sure to check those before adding another 15%. Advice is to tip in cash. If you pay your bill and tip by debit card, far from every boss will actually pass that tip on to the staff.

Dress code for eating out on Curacao

As a tourist, remember that you cannot just walk into a Curacao restaurant in your swimwear or beachwear. You probably won’t be turned away, but if you’re really “dining out” after a beach day, it will be appreciated if you take a moment to freshen up and dress nicely. Especially in a Curacao restaurant that is not directly on the beach, a neat pair of long pants and a long-sleeved shirt (for men) and a summer dress/skirt or long pants with shirt (for women) is surely the standard. In an average restaurant in Curacao, neat shorts will still do, but that may not be so convenient because of the mosquitoes. The same goes for flip-flops. Again, it doesn’t have to be “over the top” so leave your tie at home. Having doubts? Better too neat than too casual!

Truki Pan on Curacao

Pasawa Eatery Box Curacao | Truki Pan
Pasawá Box Eatery

Also in Curacao they know the food trucks as they have been hugely popular at festivals for a few years now. The difference is that in Curacao they are just standing along the road. They call it Truki Pan and you can get really great food from most of them. Definitely stop in if you want to finish a night out with a small snack, but also keep this in mind as a great alternative to dinner.
Highly recommended in this area is Pasawá Box Eatery, newly opened in summer 2023 on Caracas Bay Road (still fairly at the beginning, next to Dijtham). Here you will find several Truki Pans together, in a colorful container building. Included are BBQ, burgers, fish and more goodies. You each get the food you like and together you find a cozy spot around the bar. Fun and tasty!

Shuttle Service

Several restaurants respond well to the fact that as a tourist on vacation, you want to enjoy yourself. And for many, that includes a good glass of wine or beer with dinner. Hence, many restaurants offer a free shuttle service, where they come to pick you up and bring you back home neatly afterwards.

Local food on Curacao

Local food Curacao is delicious!

Curacao’s local food (Krioyo) is mostly a combination of what immigrants from all over the world have brought to Curacao over time. Obviously iguana soup, but you must also have tasted funchi (mashed corn), stoba (stew) and coconut soup.
Wonderful to try, you will be positively surprised!
The well-known tourist restaurants local food
Marsche Bieu (Punda)
Jaanchies Restaurant Known for the iguanas on the menu! (Westpoint)

If you’re not quite sure yet and doubt whether the local dishes appeal to you, or if you’re dining with people who don’t fancy local food, I can definitely recommend Seaside Terrace. On the beach at Marie Pampoen, right next to Sunscape Resort. Here they have a nice mix of some local dishes and a Western menu.

Arrange for a babysitter

If you’re on vacation to Curacao with your young family, you probably want to have dinner out with just your partner anyway. There are babysitters on Curacao who cater to tourists: They speak neat Dutch and English and can come to your accommodation with their own transportation.
More about a babysitter on Curacao

The Snèk on Curacao

You can’t miss them on the streets of Curacao: the snèk. Every few hundred meters (or less) you will see them. Loved by all walks of life and every local has his or her favorite. A kind of “open-air neighborhood cafe,” often combined with a mini market. You can come here for a bite to eat and a drink, and you can get right in on the “talk of the town” of the moment. Compare it a bit to the cafés back home. An experience you definitely must have done if you have been to Curacao! Just be a little careful: at the occasional snèk on the outskirts of Willemstad, (white) tourists can sometimes be a little less welcome. But you can certainly enjoy visiting the snèks along the larger roads!

Fast food on Curacao

Once you are on Curacao you will soon see for yourself: There is plenty of fast food available. The well-known chains of McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Subway are everywhere in Curacao. A little later in the evening, some of the fast food restaurants can be very crowded; it is a sort of hangout for Curacao’s youth. Tip: If you eat at a fast food restaurant, take a sweater. At many fast food restaurants, the air conditioning is blowing heavily and it is sometimes shivering inside.
The familiar Dutch snack bar can also be found in Curacao. On Mambo Beach near Bonita and halfway down Caracasbaaiweg, there are two close to each other: The Hollandsche Snackbar can be found at Vanddis gas station on the property, and in line with the Heineken Snek is the Friethuis.

Enjoy your meal!