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Seabob Curacao

$ 120
No doubt you know them from the James Bond or Mission Impossible movies. Those cool electric “underwater scooters” that let you glide through the water. Now you can do the same in Curacao!

Monday through Saturday

Tough snorkeling with underwater scooter

At Tugboat or Playa Piskado

Incl. photos & videos

At time of booking only a deposit, the rest only at check-in

What is Seabob Curacao

Seabob is the latest watersports trend in Curacao. It is an “electrically powered floating device” that lets you glide through the water without having to swim yourself. Like a real James Bond, you will be pulled through the water, while you can relaxedly view the underwater world. It’s really not difficult; anyone can do it!

What does a Seabob Tour look like

After the check-in, you will receive instructions on how to operate the electric underwater scooter. That’s done in a few minutes, because it’s very simple. In groups of 2 to 4 people you will go into the water. Two tours are offered: at Tugboat Beach (on the east side of Curacao) and at Playa Piskado (Playa Grandi, all the way west of Curacao). Both tours last an hour and a half (including an hour in the water) and are suitable for both beginners and more experienced Seabob users. Of course, you´ll also get to borrow goggles.

Seabob at Tugboat

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

seabob Curacao tugboat

This Tugbob Tour begins at Tugboat Beach, a small beach just beyond Caracas Bay. A beautiful spot in itself, in the close proximity to Fort Beekenburg and the Quarantine House and the big ship directly off the coast. Going into the sea, you will have to swim about 328 ft. to get to Tugboat. But of course that swimming is not a problem with the Seabob! Tugboat is a tugboat that sunk here. At depth of about 23 feet, you will always see lots of beautiful tropical fish trough and around this boat. And if you go a little further, you can admire plenty of coral.

Seabob at Piskado

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

seabob curacao turtle

This Turtlebob Tour  you´ll do at Playa Piskado. Its real name is Playa Grandi, but because fishermen here clean and sell their fresh catch directly to the sea every day, this beach is better known as Playa Piskado. The fishermen throw their offal into the sea, which is a delicacy for the sea turtles that you will see swimming around the jetty here throughout the day. You can get really close to the turtles, but don’t touch them and give them plenty of room to swim where they like. After the turtles, you will take another beautiful trip along the coast.

Seabob, anyone can do it!

A Seabob can be handled by anyone. Due to safety concerns, Seabob tours are not allowed for pregnant women.  Because you do need some strength to get the Seabob underwater, we don’t think this tour is suitable for children under 13 yr old. But otherwise, a Seabob can be handled by anyone who does not have a physical or mental disability.
The underwater scooter is very easy to operate using the handles that you use to hold onto the Seabob. On the display you can see, among other things, how full the battery still is, so you really don’t have to worry about “suddenly” running out of power.

Rates Seabob Curacao

Both Seabob tours are the same rate. For US$ 120 p.p. you´ĺl make a wonderful tour. The tour takes over an hour of which you will be in the water for about 60 minutes. At the time of booking you´ll pay a deposit of US$ 10 and you´ll pay the remaining amount at check-in.
And for this price, you also get free photos & video of your Seabob adventure!

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Standard, a Seabob Tour is for 2 to  4 people. If you are alone we will add you, by mutual agreement, to another group. If you want to take the tour with 5 people or more, there are certainly options for that. Please contact us by email  for more information.

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