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Private boat rental

$ 1,350
From the water you will discover Curacao at its most beautiful. If you are with a group then it is interesting to rent a private boat and decide what the day looks like. Ideal right? And a private boat in Curacao is easily more affordable than you think.

Who wouldn’t want to rent a private boat?

On a Caribbean island like Curacao, you obviously have boats of all shapes and sizes. From small to large, sailboat to motor yacht, you have them all in Curacao. Yet it seems like there are not very many boats for rent in Curacao. Anyone you ask will know of a boat, but often those are the public boats with day trips where you can sign up per person. But what if you are with a family or group of friends and just want a boat for just your group? You can too!

On request

Whenever you like to go

A party with just your group

Experienced crew that knows the best spots

  • You decide where to go
  • A great day with just your group
  • Departure time upon your wishes
  • Customized catering: how you like it
rent your own boat on curacao

Boat rental: affordable for any budget

It can be interesting to rent a boat for a private day trip. People often think this costs a lot, but it’s not so bad. What matters is that you find a boat that is well suited to your needs. If your group size is at about 80% or more of the maximum number of people on the boat, the price will soon be the same or even cheaper than if you go on a public boat. Thus, in terms of price, a private boat can be interesting from as little as 8 persons!


The rate for a private boat is different for each group. How big is the group, where do you want to go, how long, what catering do you want: all kinds of factors that determine the price. Hence the advice to make a completely free request via the form. Please feel free to contact us with any questions! For your indication: a private boattrip to Klein Curacao with 10 persons incl. BBQ-lunch & drinks starts at US$ 1,350


Usually you pay a flat rate for renting the boat plus the crew, because for that it does not matter how many people you are with. The variable cost is usually the cost of catering, which of course does go per person. Would you like a sumptuous BBQ lunch incl. unlimited wine and beer with it? Then you pay a little more than if you choose to bring some sandwiches for lunch yourself. It is also possible to really just rent the boat for a private tour, and bring all the catering yourself. Tip: always do this in consultation with the crew, usually they can provide a refrigerator or cool box.
Note: At Curacao only boats with skipper are available for rent. If you are looking for a boat to drive yourself then unfortunately we cannot help you.


Some of the boats that can be rented for a private day trip are boats that are usually also used for public day trips, e.g. to Klein Curacao. That means there are actually always facilities on board for a complete day on the water. Think e.g. water toys for the children or goggles and snorkels to explore the underwater world.

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Lowest rate, best service

Choice of several boats

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  • All full day trips are incl. BBQ-lunch & drinks
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