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Klein Curacao | Powerboat

$ 165
The Powerboat is a fast RIB boat (Rigid Inflatable Boat). As soon as the captain puts the 600 HP or 400 HP engines to work, the boat will shoot forward across the water. Where the other boats take at least 1.5 hours, the Powerboat takes you to Klein Curacao in 45 minutes. Truly an extra adrenaline rush, and another advantage: you won’t get seasick!

Take the Powerboat to Klein Curacao

With the Powerboat to Klein Curacao gives you some extras compared to a trip with the other ‘regular’ boattrips to Klein Curacao. You will go with the fastest boat. Other boats will take up to twice as long to get to Klein Curacao. It is not a full daytrip. Ideally if you do not want to spend the whole day at Klein Curacao. Only with the Powerboat right after arrival at Klein Curacao you can drink a beer or glass of wine. Often you will meet dolphins during the trip who will swim along for a while.

Every Monday, Thursday to Saturday, sometimes also Wednesday

Klein Curacao trip with adrenaline rush
Fastest boat, no seasickness!
With drinks & bbq lunch

Good to know: max. capacity of 12, so it is fully booked quickly. Book on time!

Powerboat to Klein Curacao

  • 10:00 AM to 16:00 PM, departure from Jan Thiel beach
  • Incl. BBQ lunch
  • Incl. drinks (incl. beer & wine)
  • Toughest boattrip to Klein Curacao
  • No seasickness


You can take the Powerboat to Klein Curacao for US$ 165 p.p.; children 6 to 11 yr. old. pay only US$ 130 p.p. When booking you only make a deposit of €30 p.p.
Included in this trip:

  • Klein Curacao trip
    indication duration: 6 hours
  • Going with fast RIB
    fastest trip to Klein Curacao, 45 minutes
  • No seasickness
    with a RIB no seasickness problems
  • Original beach hut
    On Klein Curacao shade of canopy made of palm leaves
  • BBQ lunch
    incl. salads and fresh fruit
  • Drinks
    soft drinks & juices, beer and wine
  • Lazy start-up
    don’t leave so early (10:00)
  • Use of snorkeling gear
    snorkel and goggles
  • Fun trip!
    Klein Curacao trip with biggest WOW factor

What the tour looks like

Taking the Powerboat to Klein Curacao is a unique experience. It is especially ideal for when you are not waiting for a full-day trip offered by the many other boats, where you are out from early morning until early evening. The Powerboat doesn’t leave until 10:00 am(from Jan Thiel Beach), so plenty of time to sleep in and enjoy breakfast before heading to Jan Thiel Beach.

A major advantage of the Powerboat is that its speed allows you to skim almost straight across the water, rather than bobbing back and forth on the swell as in other boats. This eliminates the chance of getting seasick in the Powerboat. You arrive on Klein Curacao refreshed and fruity, probably still impressed by the fast trip you just made!

By 10:45 you will arrive at Klein Curacao, and you will have time all to yourself to explore the island. Or to laze around on Curacao’s longest beach. Or to snorkel in search of the large sea turtles. Whatever you want, it’s up to you.
Around early afternoon, you will have a delicious BBQ buffet for lunch, including chicken and tenderloin, salads, bread and fruit.

Around 15:00 you will be expected back at the boat to get ready to return to Curacao. Snap on your belt and you’re off again across the sea towards Curacao, where you’ll arrive 16:00 at Jan Thiel Beach.

Bad weather

On average 3 times a year it happens that the Powerboat has to cancel a trip to Klein Curacao due to bad weather. In that case, an alternative program is offered around Curacao. Sailing, beach, snorkeling, bbq lunch: just like with a day trip to Klein Curacao.
If you are just unlucky enough to have this for your trip, it is not possible to get your money back because this offers a full alternative. In addition, “rain” cannot be used as a reason to cancel.
On the rare occassion that we have bookings for only 5 persons or less, we might decide to cancel the trip. This will be decided at least 24h before the trip and we will offer an alternative.

In short: a super cool boat ride, almost 5 hours to fully enjoy Klein Curacao, and you can start and end the day relaxed. Superb!

This tour is conducted by Powerboat Caribbean. If you book this tour, you enter into the agreement with them; Powerboat Caribbean is the responsible party for the execution and quality of the tour.

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Klein Curacao - Powerboat

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