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Curacao boat trips

On a tropical island like Curacao, “of course” a boat trip is a must during your vacation. You can go for one of the massively booked Klein Curacao trips or opt for a more intimate Sunset Sail. Either way, Curacao is a must-see place!

Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao full day trips

By far the most popular excursion: a day trip to Klein Curacao. You have several boats to choose from for each day, so choose the one that offers what you are comfortable with.

Beach hopping/West coast

Curacao West Coast Beach Hopping

According to many connoisseurs, the most beautiful boat trip around Curacao: beach hopping along the coastline towards Westpoint. Fully arranged day trips incl. bbq lunch and drinks.

Sunset trips

sunset curacao catamaran 800x450 1

The most romantic boat trip of all: A delightful sunset boat ride. With appetizers and drinks, a wonderful ending to -unless- a beautiful day.

Tiki boats

tiki boats round bbq boat

How nice: you cruise the Spanish Water yourself and stop wherever you want. And with BBQ on the boat, so that will be feasting. Super fun to do, always a treat!

Private trips

private boat curacao sailboat

That’s great: rent your own boat with your family or group of friends and take a beautiful trip. You decide what you do that day!

Sea fishing (private trip)

sea fishing curacao deepsea fishing

How cool is that; catch really big fish from the sea around Curacao. Only possible as a private trip, with up to 6 people. Trowling fishing, with very experienced captain.

Snorkeling trip

tugboat snorkeling tour

There is also much beauty just below the water’s surface. Join the Snorkeling Trip on large catamaran and see beautiful fish, shipwrecks and colorful coral.


curasub submarine curacao

Wow! This is a unique opportunity. With a real submarine, you go as deep as 200 meters into the Curaçao sea. See shipwrecks and unique sealife.

Luxury sailing yacht (private)

romantic sailing trip curacao private trip

Enjoy this luxury sailing yacht, sailing in style! Definitely a romantic trip, wedding proposals have been made on this yacht.

Family Boat

Curacao family boat for family with young children

The most fun Curacao boat tour for the whole family! Kids get to help the captain sail, and it is the only boat in Curacao with a real slide on board.

Mini Waves

Mini Waves Curacao | container ship

Your child is the captain! At Mini Waves, children are the boss. Sail around together in a motorized boat. After course, you will receive a real skipper’s diploma upon completion.

Fishing Day 2025

FUIKDAY | floaties

Every year the first Sunday in January is when it happens: Fuikdag is the party on the water that truly everyone would want to attend. Arrange your tickets well in advance or you’ll miss the party!