Fuikdag 2024 | Hier is het feestje!

Fuik Day 2025

$ 299

Fuik Day 2025

  • The party of the year in Curacao
  • Single tickets or on private boat
  • The best party boats
  • Reliable partners
  • You must have experienced it!
Fuik Day, a well-known event among many young people who have ever been to Curacao around New Year. A great annual party that truly everyone wants to attend. Now this is possible for you too!

FUIKDAY 2025, Sunday, Jan. 5

The party of the year!
Everyone wants to be here
Limited space available

Good to know:
Fuikd Day is totally sold out every year. Don’t gamble on Last Minute dump prices because you will definitely miss the party.

Fuik Day 2025


Fuik Day 2025 tickets will go on sale starting in September 2024. Fuik Day 2025 is not a festival for which you have to pay an entrance fee. You pay for a spot on a boat (or a private boat) and you can go to Fuikdag. Ticket prices have not yet been announced, but assume prices from US$ 299 p.p. for a fully catered trip incl. food and drinks. If you are interested, please send us a quick message via WhatsApp and we will contact you as soon as ticket prices are out and tickets can be sold.
Note: Every year there are boats that cancel their guests at the very last minute because they can make more money with another client. We work only with reliable partners. If you buy a ticket through us, you’ll be 100% sure to go on that boat.

What does Fuik Day 2025 look like?

Fuik Day 2025 will be another crazy party anyway. Just assume that everything that can float is heading toward the Fusik this day: everyone wants to be there. You are on one of the very best party boats. Early in the morning, the larger boats leave towards Fuik (because: more time needed to anchor in a good spot), the smaller boats leave a little later (because: they can then choose where to anker close to the big party boats). By 1 p.m., everyone is there and the party is really starting. Jump into the water with your floatie and party along. Just like at a festival with multiple stages, you have multiple spots at Fuik Bay where a DJ is performing “live. So you can choose which party you want to join.
Depending on what ticket you bought, but either you bring your own food & drink, or it’s provided by the boat (or a combo). On site are no bars or food trucks to buy anything. Benefit: no need to bring money.
Usually at 5 p.m. sharp, the music stops and the boats return.

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