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Island tours & city walks

Discover beautiful Curaçao! By bus, on foot or in a comfortable car, Curaçao offers so much beauty to see. Join group tours or take a unique private tour and enjoy this beautiful island. Each tour is with professional guide who will let you discover Curacao.

Jeep safari (off-road)

off-road jeep tour Breath of Curacao

Visit Curacao’s northwest coast and experience the rugged nature and coastal wind & water spectacle, among other things. You sit comfortably and in the shade. Fun for young & old.

Discover Willemstad (bus tour)

Bust Tour Willemstad Curacao

The Discover Willemstad bus tour takes you to 5 different locations in Willemstad giving you a great insight into the culture & history of Curacao. Do!

Blue Curacao workshop

Blue Curacao tour Landhouse Chobolobo

A beautiful tour of the original Blue Curacao factory. Discover how the liqueur is made and, of course, you get to taste. Also fun: Cocktail Workshop!

City Walk

city walk curacao street art

Curacao’s most fun city tour. With guide Jacqueline, walk through Otrobanda or Scharloo. You will see the most beautiful street art and hear about the culture & history.

Bus boat tour (land & water)

Splashy Iguana bus boat tour Curacao

Is it a bus? Is it a boat? It’s the busboat! So fun: you get a tour of the road and suddenly…. SPLASH! And the tour just continues across the water.

ATV Safari Tour

Banda Abou Tours Curacao | ATV Tour

Fun and friendly tour through the nature of Curacao. The guide tells, you enjoy. And this beautiful tour ends with a delicious BBQ on the beach at sunset.

Surprise me (private tour)

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Be surprised by all the beauty Curacao has to offer! The rugged nature, the most beautiful bays, the history of the island: whatever you want! Get in and enjoy.

Local Food Walk

Local Food Walk - Dundu Tours

While walking through the historic district of Otrobanda, you will be introduced to Curaçao cuisine while the guide tells the stories of the neighborhood. Unique tour!

Crazy 33 puzzle tour

Crazy 33 discover Curacao

Discover Curacao in a playful way through a unique outing for friends, family or colleagues? Join Crazy 33! Curacao’s most fun puzzle tour.

Ingrid Hiking Tours

Ingrid Hiking Tour Curacao

Wonderful hiking trips taking you past the quieter spots of Curacao. With guide Ingrid, you have a choice of 3 different hikes, all 3 unique and all beautiful to do.