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Klein Curacao | Irie Tours

$ 120
Delightful with the large catamaran of Irie Tours to Klein Curacao. Lounging in the large hanging nets of the catamaran, you immediately get into the right mood that comes with an uninhabited tropical island. Irie Tours goes to Klein Curacao every day.

Klein Curacao met Irie Tours catamaran

Irie Tours’ large catamaran is a catamaran built specifically for this excursion and has been used to go to Klein Curacao for many years. That experience is noticeable. Every time, the crew manages to make the guests have a wonderful day, both on the catamaran and on Klein Curacao. A fantastic boat trip, a stunningly beautiful island and all day long you can enjoy a comprehensive All-Inclusive: this tour includes breakfast and a BBQ lunch, also open bar, with alcoholic drinks starting at lunch.

Goes 7 days a week

Most complete all-inclusive trip
Ultimate enjoyment!
Two boats, always seats available

Klein Curacao with Irie Tours

  • Catamaran to Klein Curacao
  • All-incl: breakfast + lunch + drinks (including alcoholic)
  • Transfer from the larger accommodations in/around Willemstad
  • Vegetarian and halal optional
  • Two boats available, always seat available!

What the tour looks like

The crew of Irie Tours are known for offering truly complete and well-cared-for boattrips to Klein Curacao. It starts early. Around 07:30 you are expected at The Village Marina & Apartments (Caracas Bay) for check-in. Once all formalities are taken care of, you go for a nice seat on the boat and the catamaran will depart for Klein Curacao at 08:00. The All-Inclusive is noticeable immediately: time for a delicious breakfast!

After about an hour and a half of sailing, you will arrive at Klein Curacao. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the island: take a walk on Curacao’s longest and whitest beach, visit the old lighthouse and shipwrecks, or find a lovely spot on the beach or boat to chill out. Automatically you will notice it when it’s lunch time: the delicious smell of the BBQ comes to meet you (satey, chicken wraps, chorizos, topped with 2 salads) … enjoy! Vegetarian is optional, and did you know that Irie Tours offers halal lunch (chicken; request in advance)?
Of course, you can also get a drink at the Open Bar: order your drinks without worrying about paying. In terms of alcoholic drinks, you can choose from beer, wine, rum, vodka.

In the afternoon you can go snorkeling; almost certainly you will come across a large sea turtle, which are plentiful around Klein Curacao.
By 3 p.m. the return trip to Curacao begins. With some luck (most of the time it is), the sail can be hoisted and as a bonus of this wonderful day, you will get a sailing experience at sea: sailing on the waves as you face the sun. Lying in the large nets of the catamaran, you couldn’t get more relaxed.
At 5 p.m. you will be back, no doubt completely full of this fantastic experience.


Irie Tours offers the option of a transfer: you will be neatly picked up and brought back by the cheerfully colored bus. Possible for US$ 10 p.p., from the larger accommodations in and around town (including Blue Bay and Kunuku Aqua Resort) and free from Jan Thiel.


You can join the Irie Tours catamaran for US$ 120 p.p. (children 4-12 yrs. 50% discount). When booking you make a deposit of US$ 30 p.p., the remaining balance you pay shortly beforehand via a payment link.

This tour is conducted by Irie Tours. If you book this tour, you enter into the agreement with them; Irie Tours is the responsible party for the execution and quality of the tour.

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