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Rain radar Curacao

When you think of Curacao, “rain” won’t be the first thing that comes to mind. Still, things can get pretty rough on Curacao, especially during the rainy season. But even out there, it can happen that somewhere in Curacao there is a rainstorm, and a few kilometers away it is brilliantly beautiful weather with no sign of rain. Surely a Rain Radar would be handy for that. And it is here now!

Rainy season in Curacao

The weather on Curacao is brilliantly sunny for much of the year, and with lovely temperatures around 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. But for about 4 months into the year, from about mid-September to January, it is noticeably more variable. Showers pass over from time to time, which are really those tropical showers. Usually it doesn’t last long and the rain has blown over by 15 minutes. But in that quarter of an hour, things can get pretty crazy. For example, with an average of 100 millimeters of rain falling in the month of November, this is surely something to consider.
More about the rainy season in Curacao

Rain on Curacao

Outside the rainy season, though, the amounts of rain are often small and the rain usually falls at night or in the early morning. So it doesn’t bother you as much during the day. But it does happen, then, that a shower suddenly falls on Curacao. In fact, it is often the case that if it rains somewhere on Curacao, a few kilometers away it is bone-dry with bright sunshine, and they call you crazy if you say you have rain a little further away.

Effects of rain on Curacao

Even though you won’t get wet from the occasional rain shower on Curacao, you better be aware of it when it has rained. The system of wells, pipes, gutters and excavated ditches is not very well maintained. In the dry season, all sorts of trash, sand, etc. gets in there that clogs things up as soon as it rains. As a result, some streets (especially in the lower-lying neighborhoods) can quickly flood after a few heavy showers.

Rainfall radar Curacao, finally!

To avoid getting a wet suit, everyone in the Netherlands looks at a Rain Radar. For Curacao, this was not easily possible until recently. There were only some sparse pictures on the Internet, with no movement or other features. Weerplaza has therefore developed a rain radar especially for Curacao (and also for Aruba and Bonaire) to give a good view of all the showers.

Know when and where the rain falls

The images show the showers at the moment, of course, but also where the rain is heading in the next 2 hours. So you can also see rain that is currently still over the sea arrive in time. Handy if you want to go somewhere quickly!

Push message in case of rain

You don’t have to look at the Rain Radar yourself to know in time that it’s going to rain. In fact, in the Weerplaza app (for Android and iPhone), you automatically receive a push notification when rain or thunderstorms are imminent. That, too, is really new to the Caribbean.

Current weather forecast Curacao

Here you can see an up-to-date picture of Curacao’s weather. Both the rain radar and also the weather forecast for the next few days.