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Klein Curacao | Mermaid

With Mermaid to Klein Curacao. A household name for many, they have been the Klein Curacao specialist for 35 years. The spacious beach house with observation tower, excellent catering and professional crew are also worth mentioning.

Klein Curacao with Mermaid

Mermaid sails their large motorboat to Klein Curacao (Little Curacao) 5 times a week. As soon as you step onto the boat you are offered coffee or tea and you know right away: this is going to be a wonderful day! Because of its size and shape, the boat is very stable, so little chance of seasickness. The trip is fully catered for all day: breakfast buffet + bbq lunch buffet + free coffee, tea, water and soft drinks. In the afternoon, you can also order alcoholic drinks from the bar for a pleasant price.

Sunday through Wednesday and Friday

Largest boat to Klein Curacao
Hotel pickup possible
Beach house with beach beds

Good to know: You can bring your scuba gear for free. Please do notify us in advance and you must be a practiced and certified diver plus bring your own dive buddy.

  • Beach house with beach beds, toilets, showers, changing rooms and plenty of shade
  • Beautiful watchtower for magnificent view over Klein Curacao
  • Incl. Walking Tour to discover the island
  • Hotel pickup optional


You can join this famous trip to Klein Curacao for US$ 130 p.p. At reservation you make a deposit of US$ 26 p.p., the remaining balance is to be paid check-in. Children 4-12 yrs. receive 50% discount, children up to 3 yr. may attend for free (but sign up in advance).

What does Klein Curacao with Mermaid look like?

At 06:45 you can check in at the Fishermen’s Pier. A bit early, but look at the bright side: you have a long beautiful day ahead of you! Did you know that Mermaid offers the trip with the longest stay on Klein Curacao?
After checking in, you can find a spot on the boat and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. There is a brief explanation and then a quick departure, off to Klein Curacao! The large motor vessel takes 1.5 hours to get to Klein Curacao. Once the boat has anchored you can swim to the beach, or get into the dinghy that will take you right into the surf.
While you are at the large beach house looking for a nice spot on a beach bed in the shade, the crew gets right to work preparing a delicious breakfast buffet. After breakfast, you can explore the island. Mermaid has created a fun Walking Tour to explore the island, a guidebook you can take with you for a fun route with all kinds of information about what you will encounter. See the dilapidated lighthouse or washed-up shipwrecks, or marvel at the lizards and crabs you will find all over the island.
By the end of the morning you will see the crew working hard again for the delicious and extensive bbq lunch. Slide in for the buffet including chicken, spare ribs and burgers, salads and fruit; feast! You will be sitting in the large beach house, in the shade at spacious picnic tables. The bar is also very nice: soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, wine, rum, vodka available (alcoholic € 3 per glass).
After lunch you can relax and enjoy Klein Curacao again. Take a dip in the crystal-clear sea (who knows, you might run into sea turtles) or lie back on your beach bed with a drink.
Unique at Mermaid: At the beach house, Mermaid also has a beautiful observation tower. This really is a must for stunning photos (Instagram-worthy!).
At 3:30 p.m., unfortunately, it is already time to leave. The return trip is a delightful cruise, riding the waves with the sun. Around 5 p.m. the boat will dock again at the Fishermen’s Pier and this beautiful day trip is unfortunately over. But you are certainly a beautiful memory richer!

Comfortable beach house

One of the perks of the Klein Curacao trip with Mermaid is their beach house:

  • Large beach house with plenty of shade
  • Neat toilets
  • The only watchtower on Klein Curacao
  • Multiple palapas (umbrellas) so that not everyone is close together
  • Showers (fresh water)
  • Spacious seating areas for breakfast and lunch
  • A beach bed all day long just for you
  • Changing cubicles
  • Professional kitchen for elaborate BBQ lunch

Hotel pickup

Mermaid offers a relaxed hotel pickup. For US$ 12 p.p. (or US$ 18 for the more west-located accommodations) you will be picked up neatly and returned to your accommodation at the end of the day.

Free from Jan Thiel

If you are staying at Jan Thiel then the hotel pickup is free. By spacious limousine you will be picked up at 06:30 like a true VIP and taken to the Fishermen’s Pier.

Why make your reservation via NaarCuracao.com?

At the time of booking only a deposit

Easy booking, no voucher required

Best service, best prices

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