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Submarine Tour

$ 200
This is truly unique, nowhere in the world can you do this: with a real submarine you will take a tour to 450 or even 650 ft. deep. deep. You’ll discover fish you’ve never seen before.

Submarine on Curacao

On this tour by submarine boat, you will go deeper than deepest; you will see things few people have seen. The submarine will take you to a depth of 450 ft. with the Adrenaline Dive and even to 600 ft. depth with the Explorers Dive. Discover beautiful shipwrecks and stunning marine life at depths where almost no one ever visits. A very beautiful experience that you will remember for a long time!

Monday to Friday, 2x a day

Up to a depth of 650 ft (200 mtr.)
8 years old and up you may join
40 to 60 minutes under water

Good to know: We do not recommend this tour for people who have claustrophobia or other serious medical conditions. If in doubt, you can always drop by.

  • No special training required
  • Discover marine life up to 6oo ft. deep. depth
  • No air pressure difference in the sub
  • View a shipwreck
  • Worldwide unique!

Wreck Dive

US$ 450

  • Max. depth 450 ft. (135 mtr.)
  • 1 hour under water
  • Max. 2 persons (3 or 4 pers. by arrangement)
  • View 1 shipwreck (Stella Maris, 330 ft. long)

Explorer Dive

US$ 650

  • Max. depth 650 ft. (200 mtr.)
  • 1.5 hours under water
  • Max. 2 persons (3 or 4 pers. by arrangement)
  • View shipwrecks and new fish species at depth

Even deeper?

Want to make it even more special? You can make a dive up to 1,000 ft. (300 mtr.) deep! Contact us via Whatsapp or email for the possibilities for a dive the way you want it.

What a Dive Looks Like

Fifteen minutes beforehand, report to the submarine office at the Sea Aquarium Park (just before the ticket booths, bear right and follow the path until the end).
You begin this tour with a briefing on safety procedures and a bit of history about Substation Curacao. After the briefing, it’s really going to start: you will enter the submarine (aka CuraSub )! Up to 4 guests can join, plus, of course, a pilot/guide who can tell you all sorts of things to see along the way. You can have a good look around you through the glass globe while lying relaxed on the mattress. Along the way, see all kinds of biodiversity and magnificent fish. Fish you don’t otherwise get to see, possibly a shark or stingray; a lot to make this a great trip! After the trip, you can just step out of the CuraSub at your leisure and get another official debrief and drink.

No difference in pressure

Pleasant about this tour is that you will experience virtually no pressure difference. In the submarine, your body will not notice that you are over 300 ft. deep. It doesn’t get uncomfortable for your ears, and after the trip you can get off without mandatory decompression. Therefore, it is no problem at all to board the plane directly after this tour, which is not allowed with e.g. scuba diving for medical reasons.

Anyone can do it

The CuraSub submarine is basically open to anyone 8 years and older, as long as you can get into the CuraSub on your own. If you are prone to claustrophobia then it is not recommended, but in consultation with the crew you can still see if a trip is possible. Furthermore, no training is required, as you don’t have to do anything at all underwater; just enjoy what you see. Nor will you experience physical discomfort. No pressure difference, you stay dry, etc.

This tour is conducted by Substation Curacao. If you book this tour, then you enter into the agreement with Substation Curacao, which is the responsible party for the execution and quality of the tour.

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