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Ingrid Hiking Tours

$ 16
Curacao has so much more beautiful nature than just the lovely beaches. You will discover it with a fun Hiking Tour with Ingrid.

3 tours: Caves, Flamingos or North Coast

Caves of Tera Kora
Flamingo Trail
Landhouse Noordkant (Northside)

Good to know: wear sturdy shoes and bring at least 1 ltr. of water p.p.

Hiking Tours Curacao

With a Hiking Tour, Ingrid takes you right into the middle of Curacao’s nature. You will go off the beaten path and discover that Curacao has a lot of beautiful nature to offer. You will walk in small groups and Ingrid will tell you all about what you will encounter along the way.

  • Unique walk through nature
  • Choice of 3 routes
  • In the early morning or late afternoon
  • In small groups
  • With lots of info from experienced guide

The 3 Hiking Tours

Caves of Tera Kora

Curacao Hiking Tour Ingrid Caves Tera Kora

A beautiful exploration trip to the caves of Tera Kora (Kuebo Bozdisan Antonio). Through the Plain of San Pedro you will reach the two special caves with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.
The caves are inhabited by bats, but the hikes are at times when the bats are sleeping.
This hike takes about 1.5 hours.

Flamingo Trail

flamingos curacao hiking trail

The fishing village of Boka Sami is starting and ending point of this hike. The trail takes you past the salt flats of Boka Sami, where you can sometimes spot countless flamingos. The trail goes across unpaved paths, over rocks and through water. The last part of the trail takes you along the coast with magnificent views of the sea.
This hike takes about 2.5 hours (including rest breaks).

Landhouse Noordkant (Northside)

Landhouse Noordkant Curacao | Ingrid Hiking Trail

This magnificent hike takes you across the north coast of Curacao. Beautiful views and wonderful rugged nature. You will encounter a slave wall, among other things, and various authentic farming tools will be on display at Colonial Landhouse Noordkant (Northside). By the end of the hike, you will see the power of the sea pounding on the north shore.
This hike takes about 2.5 hours (including rest breaks).


You can hike with Ingrid for US$ 16 p.p. At reservation a deposit of US$ 3 is required; the remaining balance you pay at check-in.


Make sure you have good shoes on. You walk through rugged nature, climb rocks, etc. So flip-flops, Croqs, water shoes, etc. are not suitable. Put on clothes that are allowed to get a little dirty. Take minimum 1 ltr. of water p.p. with you! There is no minimum age on the tours, but obviously use common sense. It is physical exertion in quite warm climates.

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