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Transfer Curacao

$ 5
Looking for a Curacao transfer to or from Hato Airport that is reliable, clean and customer-friendly? Then you must book Norwin! With his big smile, he takes you where you want to go in his nice spacious bus.

Transfer Curacao: arrange it before arrival

When you arrive in Curacao after a flight of several hours, there’s only one thing you need: to get to your accommodation as quickly and easily as possible. And if at all possible a in a relaxed way without too much detour and that you don’t get the feeling that you just got that one taxi that always overcharges the tourists.
For this reason alone, it is convenient to arrange your transfer in advance before traveling in Curacao. Nice to know that when you arrive Norwin is already waiting for you in Arrivals hall.

Transfer on Curacao from and to Hato airport

Flat rate per destination

Spacious bus for 10 persons with luggage

The most friendly taxidriver of Curacao!

Transportation from airport to accommodation

The Arrivals Hall of Hato Airport in Curacao is always a busy place. You’ve just finished a long flight, probably you are still feeling in a different time zone and in the meantime you have to look for a taxi to take you to your accommodation. You prefer a better start of your vacation! Just arrange your transfer for Curacao in advance and Norwin will wait for you in the Arrivals Hall and take you directly to the air-conditioned bus.
It doesn’t matter for the price; all Curacao cabs operate with government-set rates for transfers to and from Hato Airport.

Norwin transfer Curacao airport

Reservation in advance is a must!

Norwin, with its beautiful and spacious taxi-bus, is very popular for a transfer on Curacao. Because Norwin’s bus is just a bit larger than average, it can also more easily carry larger groups of people: 10 persons can board without any problems, with luggage. But because of this, Norwin usually is busy all day and if you need this spacious taxi, you better make your reservation appr. one week in advance.

Tarif transfer Curacao

No need to shop around for the price of a transfer on Curacao: the Curaçao government has set the rates for transfers to/from Hato Airport.
As an indication, the rates of some popular destinations from Hato Airport.
Sandals Royal Curacao => US$ 80 *
Piscadera (a.o. Marriott Beach Resort and Dreams Curacao) => US$ 35 *
Otrobanda (a.o. Mangrove Beach Resort and Renaissance) => US$ 40 *
Coral Estate => US$ 50 *
Jan Thiel – Jan Sofat – Cas Grandi => US$ 60 *
*: Rates listed are for 1 to 4 people, between 06:00 and 23:00. For 5 persons or more, a surcharge of 25% per person applies (starting from the 5th person).
Between 23:00 and 06:00 the night rate applies where 25% extra is charged compared to the standard rate.

Transfer to Sandals Curacao

Among the tourists from North America, Norwin is one of the most popular transfers from the airport to Sandals Royal Resort (and v.v.). For US$ 80 Norwin wait for you in the Arrivals hall and bring you to Sandals Resort right away. On average, the ride will take appr. 40 minutes in the comfortable bus with A/C and happy driver.

When booking a transfer, a deposit of US$ 5 per ride is charged. The remaining balance can be paid at Norwin’s, cash only.

Norwin is at your service

After arriving in Curaçao, you wil quickly find Norwin. He will wait for you in the Arrivals Hall (with your name on a sign) and then he will quickly take you to the nicely chilled bus.
If Norwin is already booked for another ride, no problem. He will arrange a reliable colleague to pick you up and take you neatly to your accommodation.

Why via

Best service, best prices

Fixed rates

Guaranteed a taxi for you!

Transfer Hato Airport


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