Rescue Paws Curacao pup Frans (2023-05)

Cuddling puppies

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  • Opposite villa park Fountain
  • Rescue Paws Foundation Curacao
  • Free admission, donation appreciated
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 10:00-12:00
  • The sweetest dogs and cutest puppies
  • Adopt your favorite
There are several organizations in Curacao that take in stray dogs. One of the largest is RPC, Rescue Paws Curacao. You can visit them for free for a tour of the rescue center, meet the dogs and you get to cuddle the cute puppies extensively. And … is there really the one among them that you super like? The dogs are available for adoption.

Rescue Paws Curacao
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
10:00 to 12:00

dogs RPC Curacao stray dogs shelter

Good to know:
Admission is free and there is no need to register in advance. However, the foundation can use all (financial) help, so kind request is to bring a donation.


A visit to Rescue Paws Curaçao is completely free. But … as a foundation that runs on volunteers, donations and gifts, RPC can always a gift. You make the doggies extremely happy with items such as dog food, anti-flea and anti-tick products, dog toys, etc. If you can’t manage to stop by a pet store in advance, you can also just leave a financial contribution. Nothing mandatory, of course, but every little bit helps to take good care of the dogs.


No transfer is offered to the RPC Rescue Center at Plantation Porto Marie. If you come from the main road onto RPC’s grounds, drive quietly for another stretch. Watch out for the potholes in the road. You will automatically see where you can park.
If you want, we can arrange a cab for you.

What is Rescue Paws Curacao

Rescue Paws Curacao (RPC) is one of Curacao’s foundations dedicated to helping stray dogs on the island. RPC has had its own center in the middle of the island for a few years now. Dozens of dogs are taken care of here, from a pup to an oldie. Most of the dogs taken in by RPC were plucked from the streets. They were born on the streets or put on the streets because the owner could or would no longer care for them.
At the center, it is always a happy and sociable bunch with all kinds of happy little faces. The center is in full operation but also still under construction. Because they depend largely on volunteers and donations, it will take some time until the center is completely finished, but of course the dogs are already well taken care off taken. There are different sections at the center, each for a separate “target audience,” such as puppies, older quiet dogs or dogs with special needs.

Love for the dog

The foundation was established in 2014, and in the meantime they have built a nice name for themselves on the island. Once started out of love for the dogs and in the meantime it has grown into this beautiful large center Therefore, the dogs are not just taken care of; more is done such as:
– Medical care if needed
– Sterilization/castration to prevent more stray dogs
– Socialization of the dogs
– Placement of dogs with new owners.

You can also leave a donation online at the Resue Paws Curaçao website.

Curacao RPC dog shelter
Curacao stray dog puppies
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