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Snorkeling Trip 3-in-1: Catamaran & Dolphins

This is a really fun tour! You can explore Curacao and you make 3 snorkel stops: coral and shipwreck viewing and also a meet & greet with dolphins! All that sailing on one of Curacao’s largest and most popular catamarans.

Every Friday; 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Snorkeling trip along the South Coast

Departure from Mambo Beach

Dolphin meet & greet

Good to know: Voted Best Boat Trip of 2022 by NaarCuracao!

What does the 3-in-1 Snorkel Trip look like

We really think this is the very best boat trip you can take at the moment. You don’t get bored for a moment; a lot to see, delicious catering and as “icing on the cake” a Meet & Greet with dolphins at the open sea!

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Stop 1- dolphin meet & greet

A great start to this tour: Soon after departure, you arrive at the first snorkeling stop. And what a treat: a fun Meet & Greet with 2 dolphins! The dolphins come at arm’s length (or even closer) and swim close to you a few times. The dolphins (at a little more distance) will also perform some beautiful tricks and huge jumps out of the water. This is really fun to experience and this alone makes this a very nice boattrip.

Tugboat snorkel tour catamaran

Stop 2- Tugboat

After the dolphins Meet & Greet it´s 5 minutes of sailing and you are at Stop 2, Tugboat. A fun, and therefore quite well-known, snorkeling spot on Curacao. A sunken tug that´s at about 23 ft. depth and where there are plenty of fish and coral to admire. The guide will also bring some bread to feed the fish, so you can actually disappear in a cloud of fish for a while. Fun for young & old! You will stay here for about half an hour before the catamaran moves on.

catamaran snorkeling tour lunch bbq

Stop 3- Caracas Bay

From Tugboat, it’s a few minutes boat ride and you’re already at Stop 3, Caracas Bay. A lovely bay where you can relax in the water or on the boat. Meanwhile, the crew will prepare a delicious lunch. Satay on the BBQ, salads, crackers and peanut sauce: feast!
Even after the lunch, you’ll have plenty of time to take a nice swim or stretch out in the nets of the boat, with relaxing music playing in the background. Top!

Spanish Water

After all that snorkeling, you’ll also want to see some of Curacao’s beautiful coastline. The boat sails around the Spanish Water, so you can admire the nature and most beautiful houses of Curacao. Then back to MOOD by sea. If the wind permits (it usually does), there will be a nice breeze and the crew will hoist the sails some more. A great ending to a wonderful tour!


You can already join this wonderful experience for US$ 110 p.p.; children 4 to 12 yrs. can board for as little as US$ 95 p.p. and children up to 3 yrs. may attend free of charge. At the time of booking only a downpayment of US$ 22 p.p.

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