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Would you also like to see that beautiful underwater world of Curacao, but diving is not your thing? Then the Aquafari underwater scooter is the solution.

Aquafari – Diving without a course

Aquafari is super fun and very simple. It is a simple and relaxing way to explore Curacao even underwater. Of course, you will receive some instruction beforehand on how to operate the underwater scooter, but otherwise you don’t need an expensive or difficult course. Therefore, it is open to almost anyone: from 10 years old, minimum 4 ft. (1,20 mtr.) tall and max 275 pounds (125 kg). So don’t feel like taking a diving course? With an Aquafari, you see just as much.

Every day possible

Discover marine life
Without course
Incl. great photos

Good to know: you may not take an Aquafari tour if you have to fly within 18 hours of that tour.

Aquafari Curacao

  • 55 minutes in the water, total time 1.5 hours
  • Accessible to virtually everyone
  • No diving or snorkeling experience necessary
  • Head stays dry, no mask needed, no air pressure differential
  • Just breathe as if you were above water, no snorkeling attributes
Aquafari Curacao Underwater Scooter Diving Without Course

What does the excursion with Aquafari look like

It all looks exciting, such an Aquafari, but how does it actually work?
A big plus of the Aquafari is that everything is explained very calmly and clearly beforehand, and the guidance during the tour is also focused on giving you the best possible experience. Per group of up to 6 scooters, at least 1guide will accompany them into the sea. They point the way to the most beautiful spots, signal you when there’s a nice fish or other animal nearby, and they constantly keep an eye on you to make sure everything is still relaxed. And they take pictures of your underwater adventure, which you can use to show off your cool experience at home.

The scooter, equipped with air bottle, will be brought into the sea for you. So even this is already relaxed: you don’t have to drag the scooter yourself. By yourself, you then have to swim a few meters to the scooter. To get “into” the scooter, you have to submerge your head under water for a moment to get into the glass sphere, but it is already filled with air from the air bottle, so you can then immediately breathe normally again.

A long rope hangs from the scooter, with a thick knot in it every few feet. Along that rope you can go “at leisure” deeper into the sea. Everything, of course, under the guidance of the two experienced instructors, who will guide you step by step. And if there is anything, you can use hand gestures (learned during instruction) to let the guides know what’s up.


For an additional cost, you can have beautiful pictures taken with a professional camera (underwater), but it is also allowed to take your own camera into the sea.


As an official reseller of Aquafari Curacao, we may now offer the Aquafari for US$ 139 p.p., best price in the market. When booking, you make a deposit of US$ 27 p.p.

Aquafari Curacao – good to know

  • You are at least 10 yr. old and 4 ft. (1.20 mtr.) tall. Max. 275 pounds (125 kg) and not pregnant.
  • Aquafari is not suitable for people with heart problems, recent neck or back injury, breathing problems (asthma), epilepsy, claustrophobia or diabetes.
  • If the crew feels you are too much under the influence of drink or drugs you may be refused admission.

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