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Dolphin Encounter

$ 114
Meet the dolphins! In Curacao you can do a “meet & greet” with dolphins in a very accessible way, a Dolphin Encounter. Also great for children, a wonderful experience for young & old!

Interaction with dolphins

For many, it’s high on the bucket list: interacting with dolphins. And in Curacao, it is possible! At the Dolphin Academy you can do a Dolphin Encounter, where -standing in the lagoon on the side – you can play with a dolphin. Accompanied by an experienced dolphin trainer, you will also get an explanation of dolphin behavior at the same time.

Tuesday through Saturday, at 8:30 a.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Dolphin Encounter

  • 20 minutes in the water with a dolphin, total time 1.5 hours
  • Max. 6 people per 1 dolphin
  • Suitable for children (all ages); children up to 8 yrs. accompanied by a paying adult only
  • Only dolphin activity suitable for pregnant women

Dolphin Encounter Rate

As an official reseller of the Dolphin Academy, we are authorized to offer the Dolphin Encounter:
– Persons 5 yr. and older. old: US$ 114 p.p.
– Children 1 to 4 yrs. old: US$ 65 p.p.
– Children up to 12 months old may attend for free (do sign up!).
These rates include all-day admission to Sea Aquarium Park.
Children under 4’3″ (1,30 mtr.) must be accompanied by an adult at a Dolphin Encounter, max. 1 child per 1 adult.

What does a Dolphin Encounter look like

After instructions, you enter the water. You stand on a sturdy platform at the edge of the lagoon. Adults are in the water about waist deep, children about up to their shoulders. Then, per group (max. 6 people) the dolphin comes to meet and show the first tricks; meanwhile the instructor (one instructor in each group) gives all kinds of explanations about the dolphin. All instructors speak English.

After some explanation, you then get to do the tricks with the dolphin yourself. Let the dolphin splash or sing and, of course, you will also get a kiss from the dolphin! Meanwhile, a professional photographer will take photos of your Dolphin Encounter, which you can purchase in Photoshop afterwards. This photographer gets really close and thus can take much nicer pictures than the family or friends who come along and stand on the spectator platform.

In total, you are in the water with the dolphin for about 20 minutes. A wonderful activity if you really want to quietly admire a dolphin up close, enjoy first rate the various tricks the instructor can do with the dolphin and if you want to learn more about dolphins.

Afterwards, you can walk around the Sea Aquarium or look at your photos with the dolphin at the Photoshop and only then do you have to choose whether to buy them or not.

Dolphin Encounter – good to know

  • Family and friends can take pictures from the various spectator platforms; participants may not take a camera into the water
  • Bring swimwear, towel and sunscreen if necessary
  • All spectators, including parent/guardian to sign for underage participants, are required to pay full admission to the Sea Aquarium Park

This activity is conducted by Dolphin Academy. If you book this activity then you enter into the agreement with them; Dolphin Academy is the responsible party for the execution and quality of the activity.

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Dolphin Encounter

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