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Day program Sea Aquarium Park

So much to do throughout the day at Sea Aquarium Park that it can be helpful if you can plan a bit in advance what you would like to see. See the daily program of Sea Aquarium Park Curacao here.
Sea Aquarium Curacao day program
Sea Aquarium Curacao day program

Dolphin Kiss

Not mentioned in the schedule but great fun to do: a Dolphin Kiss. You may then sit at the edge of the natural lagoon and a dolphin will come and give you a kiss. Of course, a nice photo will be taken of this.
You can get such a nice kiss from a dolphin for as little as US$ 15, but this cannot be booked in advance. You can arrange this during or just after the Dolphin Training Demonstration. Which is every day at 10:20, 13:20 and 16:10. Following that demonstration, you can get the Dolphin Kiss.

dolphin kiss curacao

Sea Aquarium Park admission

Don’t have a ticket to Sea Aquarium Park yet? You can arrange that quickly and simply here.

Dolphin activities

dolphin swim curacao

Dolphin Swim

Curaçao’s most popular excursion: swimming with dolphins! In groups up to 6 people, you will be in the water with 2 dolphins for half an hour. You can do fun tricks with the dolphins, or you can have a relaxing swim around right next to the dolphin.

Dolphin Encounter Curacao

Dolphin Encounter

Great fun to do with small children is the Dolphin Encounter. You stand at the edge of the natural lagoon (up to about your hips in the water) and a dolphin joins your group to play with you. You will also get interesting explanations about the dolphins.

Dolphin Snorkel on Curacao

Dolphin Snorkel

A Dolphin Snorkel is the most fun you can have. Basically identical to a Dolphin Swim, but just more fun because you get a snorkel set with it. This allows you to also have fun interaction with the dolphins underwater and get the most out of it.

If you book any of the above Dolphin activities, it includes all-day admission to Sea Aquarium Park, regardless the time you are scheduled for the dolphin activity.