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Canoe glass bottom | guided tour

$ 60
Want to enjoy a relaxing paddle in a canoe while fully enjoying what is in the water? You can do that with glassbottom canoes! Each canoe can accommodate 2 people, always fun. Take a scenic tour and see the fish and coral in the sea. Super fun for young & old.

Sailing in a transparent canoe

Take a tour with the transparent canoe. The guide will take you on a tour along the coastline, to the places where there are plenty of things to see. You get to see the most beautiful fish, coral, even a sunken boat. The tour is at sea, but short along the coast so you will have little to no trouble with waves You can paddle relaxed, both out and back everything goes at ease. Partly because of this, this is also a very fun tour to do with the family. Each canoe can accommodate 2 people.

Tours every day, 5x a day

Very accessible, anyone can join!
Guided tour
Discover fish and coral

Handy to know: You may also go out without a guide

Glass bottom canoeing

  • One-hour guided tour
  • 2-person canoes
  • Tour at Caracasbay
  • Rentals without tour participation also possible


You pay a rate per canoe of US$ 60 per canoe, with 1 or 2 persons (same price). At reservation, a deposit of US$ 12 per canoe; the remaining balance to be paid at check-in.

What does the canoe tour look like

Please arrive for check-in no later than 10 minutes before the start of the tour. You will be assigned a canoe and you can calmly enter the water and get into the canoe. You’ll get some explanations and tips for canoeing and piloting, but really it is all self-explanatory. During the tour, there will be frequent stops at coral where you can admire marine life and the historic landscape of Caracasbay. Especially for the coral, the glassbottom canoe is ideal because you can get very close without the danger of accidentally touching the coral. Please be careful not to damage the coral with your paddle! There will also be a stop at Fort Beekenburg so you can enjoy the beautiful view and take photos or videos.
With the canoe, each participant also receives a life jacket. And for those who want, waterproof pouches for your phone are available for free, so you can bring your phone to take pictures and video along the way. If desired, swim scouts are available for small children.

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Glassbottom Canoe

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Max. 2 persons per canoe