Tiki Boat Curacao ronde bootjes

Round BBQ boats

$ 199

  • Sailing yourself on Spanish Water
  • Optional: bbq lunch
  • Fun for young & old
  • Monday through Saturday
  • Half-day tour (4 hours)
  • Max. 4 adults. + 2 children max. 6 yr.
  • Incl. free cooler
On Curacao, tourists are not allowed to rent a boat and go boating on their own. Except with the round boats, the Tiki Boats! Lovely floating around on the Spanish Water, enjoying the BBQ on the boat where you are the captain yourself. Enjoying it to the max!

Monday through Saturday

Anyone can steer, no license required
Cruising on Spanish Water
A 4 hour tour

Good to know: You will be sailing on Spanish Water, a large inland waterway. You don’t get out to sea, so no currents and waves.

Tiki Boats Curacao round boat with lounger on water


  • Tiki Boat for 4 hours: US$ 199 per boat
  • Optional: Cobb-BBQ US$ 20, BBQ packages starting at US$ 14.50 p.p.
  • Max. 4 adults + 2 children max. 6 yr. old

When booking, a deposit of US$ 25 per boat. At check-in, you pay a US$250 security-deposit per boat.


No hotel pickup service is offered. If you wish, we can arrange a cab for you (rate on request).
If you come by your own transportation, you can park for free in the parking lot.

What does a tour with the round boats look like?

You book a Tiki Boat for the morning or the afternoon. Fifteen minutes in advance sign in for check-in. After about 10 minutes of explaining how to drive the boat, you are all set! If you also ordered the Cobb-BBQ, the items will already be on the boat. Start the engine and sail away! You can take a very nice tour of the Spanish Water, enjoying the beautiful villas along the shoreline, interspersed with rugged nature. It is entirely up to you which route you sail and at what time you will enjoy the BBQ. To do so, you can moor at one of the buoys set up specifically for the Tiki Boats or enjoy the Tiki loungers in the middle of the water!
Feel free to take a dip in the water, too; it’s great swimming in Spanish Water. Spanish Water actually has wide visibility everywhere, so you don’t have to worry about other traffic on the water. You will always be able to see each other well in advance and there is always room to avoid each other.

Don’t feel like shopping?

A cooler is provided in the Tiki Boat (free of charge). The BBQ included is optional, where you can choose from renting a BBQ (including plates, cutlery, etc.), and/or ordering tasty BBQ packages.

Cobb BBQ

If you want to enjoy the round BBQ boat to the fullest, then, of course, you have to include a BBQ. Not mandatory, but extra enjoyable! As lunch with the morning tour, or as dinner with the afternoon tour and feast. For US$ 20, it comes with a complete BBQ kit, consisting of:
– a real Cobb BBQ
– plates and cutlery
– BBQ tools like meat tongs
– cups for a nice drink
Note: This further does not include food for the BBQ. You are not allowed to bring your own food, you can order a BBQ package for this purpose.


Delicious BBQ on the boat. Choose from the BBQ packages below and feast! Each package has potato salad, garlic bread and garlic or cocktail sauce included.
BBQ-package Standard (US$ 14.50 p.p.)
– chicken satay
– hamburger
– bbq sausage

BBQ package Deluxe (US$ 20 p.p.)
– fillet steak
– chicken satay
– salmon

BBQ package Veggie (US$ 14,50 p.p.)
– 2x oyster mushroom burger
– spiced zucchini spiral

BBQ packages must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

Geen drankjes

You cannot make a reservation for drinks. Provide your own drinks for the boat. In addition to a nice drink (with or without alcohol), remember to bring plenty of water; you will be thirsty on Spanish Water.
With the boat you get to borrow a cool box for free, for only US$ 3 extra you have a large bag of ice to keep drinks cool.

Maximum 4+2

A tour with a Tiki boat is suitable for up to 4 adults. That could possibly include 2 more children from max. 6 yr. old. Partly because of insurance etc., this is strictly controlled. For example, if you come with 4 adults and 2 children 8 years old, you will be refused. Or 4 adults and 3 children under 6, which is also not possible. Nice to know: if you are with 4 paying persons, then the 2 children (up to 6 years old) can come along for free.

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