AquaCat Mini Catamaran

AquaCat Mini-Catamaran

$ 115
Join us on this fun tour with AquaCats, the motorized 1-person catamarans. Easy to go, anyone can do it. And above all: big fun!

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 2x a day

Guided tour
Visit Kokomo beach
Incl. bottle of water & snack package

Good to know: it is definitely recommended to wear water shoes on this tour

Wat een leuke tour is dit. Met maximaal 5 bootjes ga je het avontuur aan. Je vertrekt vanaf Boka Sami en langs de kust vaar je naar Kokomo Beach. Daar kun je een beetje relaxen, zwemmen/snorkelen of een Insta-waardige foto maken op de “wereldberoemde” Kokomo Swing, de grote schommel in zee. De AquaCats zijn eenvoudig te besturen en de motor is eco-vriendelijk. Deze 1-persoons catamaran zijn vooral leuk om een trip mee te doen, maar ondertussen zie je ook nog wat van de mooie Curaçaose kustlijn.

  • Mini Catamaran, Big fun!
  • Easy to control
  • Tour to Kokomo Beach
  • Max. 5 persons per group
  • Participants minimum 12 yr. old

What does the AquaCat tour look like?

After a short and simple introduction to the AquaCat, you’ll soon be off for a tour of the open sea. Of course, the guide decides the direction for the group, but you have complete freedom to tour around a bit and you don’t have to sail like “ducklings after each other.” After about 30 minutes of sailing, you will arrive at Kokomo Beach, depending a bit on how long the stopover is to take a nice swim.
The group (max. 5 AquaCats + the guide) will stay at Kokomo Beach for about 45 minutes, so plenty of time for a delicious tropical cocktail or a tasty snack at the Snack Bar (refreshments not included in the tour). No worries: the AquaCat has secure storage pockets for phone, wallet, etc. If you don’t want to bring your car keys or the like, you can ask for a locker at check-in.
After everyone also did the “obligatory” photo opportunity on the Kokomo Swing, it is time to leave again. By now you feel like an experienced AquaCat driver, so no doubt time for a little race.
After about 2 hours you will dock your AquaCat back at Boka Sami beach and the tour is over.


You can join this fun AquaCat tour for US$ 115 p.p. At reservation you make a deposit of US$ 23 p.p.; the remaining balance to be paid at check-in. The AquaCat tour is available to participants 12 yr. old. and up.

AquaCat tour (EN)

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