ATV Safari Tour

$ 67
Want a super fun and informative tour of Curacao’s nature, on trails where the average rental car cannot go? Then join this ATV Safari Tour!

ATV Safari Tour: convivial & informative

In this All Terrain Vehicle Safari Tour, you will sit comfortably on the back of a tough, yet cute, baby carriage (Gator type). Sitting down, you can look over the cabin and have a stunning 360-degree view. Drivers Rolf and Arie-Jan drive you professionally over the rugged trails and undiscovered dirt roads. The nice thing about this tour is that on the one hand you ride tough (but quietly) through the mud and dust, but on the other hand it is a friendly and informative tour where you get to hear all kinds of fun facts about Curaçao.

Two tours

You can choose from two tours: the Bon Dia Sunrise Tour (from 08:30 to 13:15) or the Sunset Tour (from 13:30 to 19:00). Both tours start at the same location, but the Bon Dia Sunrise tour ends with a delicious lunch and the Sunset tour ends with a romantic BBQ on the beach.

Every Monday & Friday

Choice of 2 tours
Max. 10 participants
With lunch or BBQ dinner

Good to know: In terms of content, both tours are pretty much the same in terms of itinerary and information, the difference is in lunch vs. BBQ dinner

  • Choice of 2 tours
  • Small scale & informative
  • Incl. lunch or dinner
  • Children up to 11 yrs. 50% discount
  • Cultural heritage, nature & beach!

What does the tour look like?

You can choose between the Bon Dia Sunrise Tour or the Sunset Tour. Both tours have pretty much the same itinerary and you get to hear more or less the same information about Curacao. The difference is mainly in the conclusion: a delicious lunch or a romantic beach BBQ.
This ATV Safari Tour is driven through “the countryside” of Curacao (called Banda Abou), including the rugged nature on the north side of Curacao. Regularly on a path where it is better not to go with your own rental car. But no problem for the ATV baby carriage, you sit high & dry on the back. Rolf and Arie-Jan drive quietly so you are not shaking all the time and the mud is not flying around your ears. Do put on “safari-worthy” clothing (no white!), because especially in dry times it can get a little dusty.

BBQ on beach

After already enjoying the beautiful nature Curacao has to offer along the way, the best part is saved for last: the BBQ on the beach (or: lunch if you do the morning ride). The BBQ will be provided by professional chef Peter, and you’ll be in a prime location for an intimate BBQ with stunning views of setting sun. The BBQ consists of 4 courses of meat/fish and is truly enjoyable.

We advise not to do this tour with children under 6 yr. old, but if you still want to do this tour with small children it is possible by mutual agreement.
For both tours:

Wat ga je zien?

  • Departure from a historic ‘kunuku cottage’
  • A stop at Boka Patrick on the north coast
  • Refresh at the natural jacuzzi Suplado
  • Look out over Curacao from Viewpoint Wacawa
  • A visit to Country House Ascencion

Bon Dia Sunrise Tour

  • Departure 08:30, finishing time 13:15
  • Last stop at private beach Hundu
  • Ending with lunch at Kunuku cottage
  • Mondays and Fridays

Rate: US$ 67 p.p.
children up to 11 yr. 50% discount

Sunset Tour

  • Departure 13:30, end time 19:00
  • Last stop at San Juan estate
  • Ending with BBQ on the beach
  • Mondays and Fridays

Rate: US$ 110 p.p.
children up to 11 yr. 50% discount

For whom?

This ATV Tour is ideal for when you are looking for a tour to explore rugged Curacao, but you don’t feel the need to drive yourself. It all doesn’t have to be at top speed and you want to enjoy the beautiful Curacao nature and hear the guide’s information without blubber around your ears.

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