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Curacao inspiration: relax and be active

You come to Curaçao because of “sun, sea & beach,” but Curaçao is so much more than that! If you want to be active, you can do so in Curacao as well.

Curaçao: Being active between relaxing

It is common knowledge that Curaçao is known for its beautiful beaches, many hours of sunshine throughout the year and a, very clear, blue sea. But Curaçao is not just sun, sea and beach. In fact, it is also a very good destination to do active things as well. This allows you to find your unique and perfect balance between relaxing and doing things and being active on the road.

Is it always a struggle to find a good vacation destination with your partner, the family or with your friends because you all want something different? Some like to lay on the beach for 2 weeks, others can’t sit still and still others like a combination of both. Look no further. In Curaçao you can do a huge number of active things, but there are also over 30 beaches that you can try out all of them. In other words, it is the perfect destination for parties that all want something different, but still want to vacation together.

Active on and in the water

Water sports are hugely popular on Curacao and perfect to combine for a party where one half wants to lie in the sun with a good book and a cocktail and the other half likes to do some activity. On your own initiative a piece of snorkeling, can be done on any beach. Would you rather do a tour? Then you can visit Tugboat Beach, among other places. Diving is also very accessible in Curacao. On beaches such as Kokomo, Porto Marie, Jan Thiel and Blue Bay you will find fine diving schools where you can take a trial dive. Got the hang of it? Then you can also take an entire diving course.

In addition to exploring the underwater world, there are also good options for moving óon the water. Learn to windsurf, kitesurf or sail? It is all possible. The Spanish Water in Jan Thiel and the St. Lawrence River. St. Joris Bay on the north side of the island are popular places to practice these water sports. Here you can go out on the water yourself with your own gear, rent equipment or take a lesson/course.

Do you love lying on the beach, but like the variety with a fun activity in between? Then you can also choose to take a jet ski, canoe or SUP. This can be done at the Spanish Water in Jan Thiel, among other places. It’s fun to join a tour, but the truly adventurous can also go out on their own. Did you move enough after an hour? Then plop down at Jan Thiel Beach or at Karakter.

Diving lesson Curacao discovery dive

Walking around

Hiking is popular on Curacao, so you can climb Christoffel Mountain and Table Mountain or choose a trail such as the route from Jan Thiel to Mambo Beach. This is a route of about 50 minutes. TIP: Download and download the map of Curacao. This app also works offline, so you’ll never get lost that way. The nice thing about this last route is that you have beaches on both sides of the route, so you can relax or take a dip when you’re done. Christoffel Mountain is good to combine with one of the beautiful beaches at Westpunt. After all, you’ve earned a dip after climbing 372-meter mountain.
Will everyone else go to the beach, but do you want to explore the island on foot? Join Ingrid’s organized hikes on a tour of the Tera Kora caves, Landhouse Northside or the Salt Pans of Boka Sami.

Dancing on Curacao

For some people, dancing is wonderfully relaxing and some have to work hard for it. Either way, it’s fun to do and fun to watch. On Thursday nights, you have a salsa night at Mundo Bizarro on Nieuwestraat in Pietermaai. You can hit the dance floor or order a drink and enjoy the live band and experienced dancers. On Sunday nights, you can go for salsa and merengue music at Hemingway on Mambo Beach with live band Los Compadres.

Salsa dancing curacao Tropical Moves

Dance classes, even for tourists

If you have a taste for it, you can also choose to take a dance class. You can learn to dance salsa or still go for Bachata. At Tropical Moves, you can take a beginner’s Salsa class on Monday and Friday evenings at the Bamboo Bar in Saliña and a Bacha class on Sunday evenings. On Wednesday nights, you can also take a salsa beginners class at Restaurant Almost Home on Caracasbaaiweg. Taking a class? Send a message via Whatsapp to Tropical Moves (+599 9 6666334). To be clear, Tropical Moves also welcomes tourists for 1 or 2 lessons!
> More info via Facebook Tropical Moves

Have an ace day

You’ve been on the beach all day and can’t sit still or you want to start the day sportily and then settle down on a beach bed shamelessly for the rest of the day, you can do both. Rent off one of the three courts at Jan Thiel and play an hour of beachtennis. All you need is 4 players because you can rent a racket and balls at the course.
Like all over the world, padel is also becoming increasingly popular in Curacao. So bring your racket in your suitcase because there are 3 locations on the island where you can rent a court. Located on the Santa Rosa road sits Ultimate Padel Curaçao with 2 outdoor courts. Would your company prefer to watch? Then they can go to the little bar which overlooks the lanes. At Scherpenheuvel, you can use an indoor and outdoor track. So that way you don’t have to play in the bright sun. There is also a bar here where you can order a refreshing drink after an hour of sweating. At both locations, you can rent a court Monday through Sunday. Would you like to play on Sundays? Then you must be in Saliña, here sits the newest padel club on the island. This is the only padel club open 7 days a week.

Yoga on beach or SUP board

Exercising and yet also relaxing is perfectly possible during a yoga class. There are several providers of yoga classes. Locations range from the beach to locales or even on a SUP board. So you can join Salty Soul’s weekly SUP Yoga classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8 a.m., and you can check her Instagram or Facebook for additional classes like the Sunset SUP yoga or SUP Yoga & Wine class. Yes you read that right, wine and supping. After all, it’s a vacation, too.

Yoga Curacao SaltySoul
Yoga on Curacao with Salty Soul

Curaçao: the destination to relax and exercise

So there is plenty to do on Curacao, some more strenuous than others. The nice thing is that you can combine relaxing very well with exercise. For the vacationer who just wants to lie on the beach, Curacao is the perfect island, but also for the one who wants to exercise for an hour every now and then and also for the active ones who cannot sit still. And if everyone in your party wants something different, you can still vacation together because you can move and/or relax in almost any place and at any beach.

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