Beaches of Curacao

Of course, a Caribbean island like Curaçao has beautiful beaches. Some more famous than others, but altogether over 40 beaches to enjoy.

Blue Bay

Blue Bay beach

A wonderful beach for young & old. Pay admission, but it really is more than worth it.

Cas Abou

Cas Abou Curacao beach

According to many (and various travel magazines) one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.


daaibooi beach curacao beach

A beautiful beach for locals and tourists alike. Free entry, beach beds available for rent.

Jan Thiel

Jan Thiel beach Curacao

Most famous beach in Curaçao. With every imaginable facility you would expect.


Playa Kalki - beach Curacao

All the way at West Point, but well worth the drive. A gem!


Karakter beach Coral Estate Curacao

Beach and pool together, plús great food and an excellent spa! At Coral Estate you will find Karakter.

Knip (Groot & Klein)

beach Grote Knip on Curacao

Two beaches where locals also like to visit. We can understand why!


Kokomo Beach Curacao | swing in the sea

Kokomo is a lovely beach and “Instagram-famous” for its swing in the sea.


Curacao beach Lagun

Surely one of Curaçao’s most popular beaches is Lagun. Have you been there before?

San Juan

San Juan Curacao | Playa Largu

The beaches of San Juan are far from being known to everyone. Delight in peace and quiet.

Family beaches: 5 tips

Jan Thiel beach vacation family

Some Curaçao beaches are ideally suited to go with small children. Which one? We give you 5 tips!