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Beaches: Blue Bay

Blue Bay is best known as a large resort for vacationing and living. But did you know that the beach at Blue Bay is also more than worth it?

Blue Bay beach

A 20-minute drive from downtown Willemstad brings you to Sint Michiel, here lies the beautiful Blue Bay resort including apartments, hotel, restaurants, golf course and beach. Sint Michiel is located west of the city, just “behind” Piscadera. At Centrum Supermarket Piscadera, at the intersection take the exit (towards supermarket) and follow Road to Bullenbaai. Here you will automatically see a sign to the left that says “Blue Bay.

ID needed

Please note: At the entrance to Blue Bay Resort, valid ID is requested from all persons in the car. After the barrier, drive straight ahead for now, until signs point you to the right for the beach. There is ample parking (free parking).

Blue Bay beach beach Curacao

Palm trees

Blue Bay beach is well maintained and it shows. It is a lovely beach with fine white sand. There are plenty of palm trees and palapas on the beach to take a break from the sun on one of the many beach beds. And the bit of “bay” in the name is, of course, for good reason. The beach is in a circular bowl with both left and right piers that you can walk down. The advantage is that the water in the bay is relatively calm; no huge waves crashing on the shoreline.

Service with a smile

For a full day’s access to Blue Bay beach including use of the public toilets, showers, sun beds, palapas, the playground and the volleyball court on the beach, you pay 20 NAF p.p. (about €10) as an adult. Children over 5 years of age receive a 50% discount; children under 5 years of age may enter for free. If you are staying in one of the accommodations at Blue Bay Resort, access to the beach is usually free (upon presentation of a pass from the accommodation).
At Blue Bay Beach are a restaurant and beach bar. You get all-day service on the beach, at your beach bed, and an account can be opened so you don’t have to checkout every time.

Spa and wellness

Would you like to relax? Then at the beach there is an opportunity to get a massage, manicure or pedicure. Starting as little as 55 NAF (just under €30), you can be pampered. This can be done daily between noon and 5:30 p.m.

Fun for the kids

The beach is super accessible for children. For example, there is a playground near the entrance and they can use the volleyball court. Because Blue Bay is a bay, the water is very calm and you can let your children play here. The water is super clear and you can snorkel beautifully here. Water shoes are not a luxury because there are some stones on the bottom here and there.

Plenty of water sports

Want a little more challenge than snorkeling? Then you can also dive at Blue Bay. You can go for an introductory dive, get your PADI dive training (not in one day), but also as an experienced diver you can join us on dive trips. You don’t even have to bring your equipment, you can just rent it. Not only can you dive, it is also possible to kayak, wakeboard, sail on a catamaran or join a fishing trip or sunset trip. In short; if you don’t want to or can’t sit still, there is plenty to do at Blue Bay Beach.

Dining with a sea view

There is no shortage of dining options at Blue Bay Beach. Right on the beach sits Blend Beach Bar. Here you can enjoy snacks and drinks in the shade, as well as the Happy Hour with live music on Fridays from 5 to 7 p.m. Would you rather stay on your cot? Then they also serve on the beach. Want a more elaborate and luxurious meal? Then you can join us on the left side of the beach at Restaurant Coast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That doesn’t stop there. A little further to the left is Brass Farmer Curaçao located. From Wednesday through Sunday, you can enjoy lunch or dinner here starting at noon. Want some extra luxury? Then you can also rent beach beds or palapas from Brass Farmer. You also get water and towels with this.

Blue Bay Beach is really recommended to visit once. You can spend a day here, with or without kids, enjoying the many facilities, great service and, of course, the bay that lives up to its name. There is something for everyone to do here, plenty of shade to be found and you can eat delicious food. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful day here.

Blue Bay: full enjoyment!

In short, Blue Bay is a wonderful beach where young & old can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Good facilities, choice of all kinds of activities and the catering is also tiptop. You will gladly pay some admission to enjoy that.

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