UItzicht bij Grote Knip, strand Curacao

Beaches: Kleine Knip and Grote Knip

The beaches Kleine Knip and Grote Knip are the more famous beaches of Curacao. Almost every tourist has been there, but Curacao locals also like to come here. And we understand that quite well!

Kleine Knip en Grote Knip

The beaches Kleine Knip and Grote Knip are located on the estate of Estate Kenepa (= Knip). Two lovely beaches and certainly Grote Knip is also “world famous” for being the most photographed beach in Curacao. Getting there is pretty easy: Follow the Road to Westpunt and just past Tera Korá you can turn left at Kaminda Monica Chapel Matheeuw (you’ll also see Knip indicated on the signs along the road, among others). Keep following the road, at Lagun be careful to turn right at the beach otherwise you drive into the village. And then you will automatically come across a sign telling you to take the exit for Knip. From downtown Willemstad, you can drive to Kleine Knip in about an hour. About a 1-minute drive away you will also find Big Knip. So you can perfectly combine these two beaches if you are going in that direction for a day. They are both public beaches: you do not have to pay an entrance fee and are not stuck with opening hours.

Kleine Knip Grote Knip beach Curacao
Kleine Knip and Grote Knip, on the west side of Curacao


Grote Knip in particular can be quite crowded. That in itself is very cozy, but if you want to avoid a bit of the crowds you should not go on weekends. On weekends, this is one of the most popular beaches among locals. Kleine Knip is usually a little less crowded, here you can actually always find a great place to entertain yourself for a few hours.

Kleine Knip (Playa Kenepa Chicki)

If you used to visit Kleine Knip you didn’t have much except a snow-white sandy beach and clear blue sea. Nowadays, Kleine Knip is becoming an increasingly pleasant beach to visit. Thus, on the small beach there are plenty of sunbeds with umbrellas that you can rent. There are also palapas, with or without picnic tables. Plenty of shade, in other words. It is officially not allowed to barbecue on Kleine Knip, yet this is often done by locals without any action being taken against it.

Fun on the water

Kleine Knip lends itself perfectly to a day of snorkeling. The water is easily accessible and water shoes are not necessary. Don’t have your own snorkeling gear or forgot it? That’s no problem at Kleine Knip! In fact, it is possible to rent a snorkel set. And not only that. You can also rent kayaks and inflatables. For example, they have transparent kayaks that you can see through. This, of course, is a must with this clear blue water. Do you still find this an exciting idea? Then you can also rent an Ocean Kayak XL and take a scenic kayak tour.

Own cooler

Although Kleine Knip has a number of facilities, unfortunately there is no public restroom to be found. There are no dining facilities, so bring a cooler with your own food and drinks. Or drive on to Grote knip for something to eat or drink. What is a nice development, though, is that you can pin at Kleine Knip. So you no longer have to pay for your bed or canoe trip in cash. What’s also nice about Kleine Knip is that an ice cream truck regularly passes by in the parking lot. That way you can still get a welcome cool down.

Grote Knip (Playa Kenepa Grandi)

Less than a minute’s drive from Kleine Knip you will find Grote Knip. The water just as clear, and the sandy beach just as white. Grote Knip is a bit more touristy and you can see that right away when you drive into the beautifully landscaped parking lot. Grote Knip has a famous vantage point where you have a view of the entire bay. So a good place to shoot theperfect vacation snapshot. To get to Grote Knip beach you have to go down a flight of stairs, this makes the beach not so accessible for people in wheelchairs or those with mobility problems. There is a descending path down the hill; however, it is not completely finished. As a result, the path stops about half a meter above the beach.

Dining facilities, restrooms and a shower

Unlike on Kleine Knip, on Grote Knip you do have a snack bar and a joint where you can get delicious fruit smoothies. But you can also go here for soft drinks, coffee or a beer. In addition, vendors regularly walk the beach selling tasty cocktails. In addition to dining facilities, there are restrooms you can use and a shower (for a fee).

Shade and sunbeds

You already have, at both beaches, a sunbed for the day starting at NAF 7.50. Did you bring your own chairs or do you prefer lying on the sand? Then you can also rent only an umbrella for 15 NAF. And do you want the complete deal with an umbrella and 2 beds? Then you pay 25 NAF for a day.

Pigs & Snorkeling

You don’t have Wi-Fi on either beach, but with such views, you don’t need to look at your phone at all. In addition, there are pigs running around on Big Knip. This is a really nice sight. If you’re not careful and leave your bag unattended, chances are they’ve already finished the bag of chips, or roll of cookies, you were so hungry for. You can also snorkel beautifully at Grote Knip, with your own or rented snorkel set. In fact, the chances of seeing sea turtles here are quite high. If you like a little adventure, you can jump off the rocks into the sea at Grote Knip on either side of the bay. Would you rather chill out? Then you’ll have a perfect view from your lounger of the other jumpers.

Grote Knip & Kleine Knip

In short, both beaches are definitely worth visiting. The beautiful white sand and beautifully clear and blue waters never bore you. In addition, you can have a good time on both beaches by snorkeling or renting a kayak. There is plenty of shade to be found so you won’t be in the hot sun all day AND you can pack in your cooler everything you feel like taking with you that day.

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