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Beaches: Kokomo

Kokomo is typically one of those beaches where everyone loves to come and it is always pleasant. A bit in between the city and Banda Abou and “Instagram-famous” because of the swing in the sea.

Kokomo Beach

Don’t mind getting in the car, but don’t want to go all the way to West Point? Then Kokomo Beach, a 15-minute drive from the heart of Willemstad, is the perfect beach. You drive from Willemstad toward Westpoint. on Hermin Wiels Boulevard turn off at the height of the large Center supermarket, onto the Road to Bullenbaai. Follow this road for about 5 km and turn left as soon as you see a sign saying “Kokomo Beach.
Tip: On the Road to Bullenbaai you pass by the water (St, Michielsbaai), here you can regularly spot flamingos.

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Accessible to all

At Kokomo you can park for free in the large parking lot right on the beach. You don’t pay for access to the beach, only for the beds you use. In addition, you can use the restrooms throughout the day. A disabled restroom is also available. Kokomo is a sandy beach with some rocks by the sea. There are many stones and large rocks off the coast that can be a bit slippery, so water shoes are not a luxury. Also bring your snorkel because you can snorkel beautifully at Kokomo.

The perfect vacation photo

If you’re talking about popular photo spots in Curacao, you’re talking about Kokomo Beach. For here is the well-known swing in the shallow water on which many have gone before you for the perfect vacation snapshot. Just search “Kokomo curacao” on social media and you will see dozens of beautiful photos of this location.
But besides the swing, you have many other spots at Kokomo Beach where you can shoot beautiful “Instagram-worthy” photos. The stairs at the end of the jetty, the beach bar with swings, the lounge in the restaurant and also in the sea you can take beautiful pictures.

Kokomo Beach Curacao | the famous swing

Beach bar & restaurant

You are not supposed to bring your own refreshments to Kokomo, so there is no need to lug a cooler or stop by the supermarket. The menu in the restaurant is super extensive and you can also order drinks from the beach bar so it is not a punishment to order some goodies here. An account is easy to open and there is service on the beach. There are several sunbeds on the beach, so you have simple and comfortable sunbeds and some more luxurious 2-person cabanas with shade. Wonderful right, relaxing on the beach and your cocktail is brought to you. How more vacation can you make it?

Sunday Funday

On Sundays, Kokomo Beach is highly recommended with a Happy Hour from 5 to 6 p.m. and weekly live music. In the afternoon, the fun begins with a DJ playing the best hits especially for you. At the end of the afternoon, the DJ gives way to a live act. Every week there is an act on the schedule which is announced through Kokomo’s Facebook page. So you can always check if it’s what you want.

Full Moon Party

A few times a year, Kokomo Beach is transformed into a veritable party venue. A stage is being built and extra toilets are being put up. The restaurant will be partially emptied and a VIP area will be installed. Artists such as Hardwell, Lil Kleine, Sam Feldt and Tony Junior have already managed to turn Kokomo into one big party. Full Moon Parties take place only a few times a year. So keep a close eye on these if you would like to attend a Full Moon Party. Oh yes, despite the name, this celebration is not linked to the position of the moon.

Kokomo by catamaran

Want to take a scenic catamaran trip to Kokomo? That’s possible! Then join the beautiful West Coast trip of BlueFinn, Curacao’s largest catamaran. A wonderful day trip where you stop at the beautiful Cas Abou beach in the morning and at this lovely Kokomo Beach in the afternoon. Of course, the trip includes a delicious and extensive lunch, and Premium Open Bar allows you to get drinks at the bar all day without paying.

Diving school

Kokomo Beach is home to diving school Trunk Divers. You can choose an introductory dive, full dive course or specialization. Are you an experienced diver, but your scuba gear no longer fit in your suitcase? No problem, you can also rent these. This diving school is known for its professional, relaxed and personal service.

Guaranteed to be worth it

A day enjoying the sun and the sea, listening to live music, dancing under the stars, exploring the underwater world, taking pictures for the books or eating good food. At Kokomo Beach, you’re guaranteed to have fun no matter what you’re in the mood for.