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Manors of Curacao

Curaçao has a rich history and this is still visible in the many traditional manors that can still be seen all over the island. And at some you can also go inside.

Manors Curacao

Curacao’s history includes many plantations, including water, salt, fruit and coffee plantations. As a result, many manors can be found in Curacao. Many have decayed, but you can still find about 60 that are still in fair to good condition. These include those set up as museums, restaurants or intimate boutique hotels. So is the sun shining a little less brightly one day or are you up for a day of architecture, art and culture? Then it’s fun to visit some of these beautiful mansions.

Manor Knip (Kenepa)

Manor Kenepa (Knip) Curacao | Tula museum

We begin right away with a mansion that has played an important role in Curaçao’s history. At Manor Knip or Manor Kenepa, the great slave revolution led by Tula began in 1795. To this day, Tula is commemorated annually on Aug. 17. The mansion was converted in 2005 into the TulaMuseum with a collection telling the plantation and slave history of Curaçao. The museum has been closed for a few years, but is expected to reopen in late October 2023. The museum has an entrance for wheelchairs and walkers. Thus, the second floor of the mansion is also accessible to the disabled and those with mobility problems.
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Manor Klein Santa Martha

Manor Klein Santa Martha dates back to before 1700. The mansion used to be a divi-divi and sugar cane plantation. It was also one of Curacao’s three largest salt producers in the early 20th century. The manor has been completely restored and now serves as a boutique hotel and restaurant. You can enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner or a refreshing drink with beautiful views of Santa Martha Bay here any day of the week.
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Manor Santa Martha Curacao | restaurant

Chobolobo Manor

Manor Chobolobo Blue Curacao

Are you curious about a piece of history and want to learn a little more about Curaçao’s heritage? Manor Chobolobo is not only beautiful to see, but you will also find the (only) Curaçao liqueur distillery on the grounds. The mansion was built in the 18th century. In 1946, the distillery was built and it is still in full operation today. You can tour the grounds and enjoy a cocktail with Blue Curaçao. Do you love cocktails? Then you can even do a cocktail workshop and make your own creations.
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Landhuis Curacao

Manor Bona Vista

Manor Bona Vista is a wonderful accommodation for a wonderful vacation in style. How unique is that, vacationing in an authentic Curaçao Manor? Built in 1781, this estate was mainly used for growing corn, vegetables and fruits for home consumption. But these days a lovely boutique hotel in prime location. Just outside the (tourist) hustle and bustle, but if you’re looking for the conviviality you’ll be right there. The mansion is accessible only to overnight guests.
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Manor Bona Vista Curacao

Jan Kok Manor

Manor Jan Kok Curacao

In 1840, this beautiful white mansion with dark green details was built. The mansion’s name derives from Jan Kok, a cruel slave master of the 18th century. The nice thing about this mansion is that it features a gallery by a well-known local artist, Nena Sanchez. Sadly, she passed away in 2017, but her artwork is still for sale in the gallery today. Curacao and nature often take center stage in her colorful works. Her murals can also be found in Punda and on Mambo Beach. The mansion is free to visit and you can walk through the mansion and surrounding grounds as a visitor. Also in the garden you will find several works of art by Nena Sanchez.
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Manor San Nicolas

Manor San Nicolas, is a large estate with lots of rugged nature just beyond the village of Soto. The estate is not publicly accessible, but you can do a unique experience: you can rent a beach on this estate as a private beach (accessible only with advance reservation). A wonderful experience for a morning or afternoon all alone for you and whoever you bring; including a tasty picnic.
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Manor San Nicolas Curacao private beach

Manor Daniel

Manor Daniel Curacao | restaurant

Manor Daniel was built around 1700 by Daniel Ellis, an English captain of a Dutch WIC ship. After this, the mansion was owned by several freed slaves. In 1976 the mansion, now almost dilapidated, was completely restored to its original state. In the hands of Jan Francke since 1997, he has turned it into a popular restaurant where history, nature and art come together. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here. And from as little as US$100 a night, you can stay here brilliantly in style.
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Bloemhof manor

A manor entirely devoted to art is Landhuis Bloemhof. This mansion dates back to 1735 and has played an important role in the local Curaçao art scene. Upon arrival, you will be given a brief tour of the mansion and surrounding grounds, including. by the famous and large artwork “Cathedral of thorns. But you can also choose to book for a, paid and comprehensive, guided tour of the art and/or history of Bloemhof manor. Every six to eight weeks, a new exhibit by local artists is featured. Another advantage: Manor Bloemhof is right next to Willemstad’s ring road, so easy to drive to.
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Cathedral of Thorns Manor Bloemhof Curacao

Manor Dokterstuin

manor dokterstuin

In the 17th century, this manor was already in use. It was completely restored in 1996, leaving it in beautiful condition on the outside. The mansion consists of two floors. When you enter, you can still see old furniture and mannequins with the old traditional clothes standing around to get an impression of the old days. The mansion’s covered garden now houses a local restaurant, Komedor Kriyo. If you want to eat typical Curaçao dishes, this restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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Do you know of any other country houses you can take a look at? Let us know in the comments below!

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