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Christmas dinner on Curacao

Christmas in Curacao is the busiest time of the year with tourists. And of course, many residents of Curacao also go out to eat at Christmas. Hence, many restaurants go the extra mile. See the restaurants with the tastiest Christmas dinners here.

Eating out on Curacao around Christmas

With December approaching, Christmas is upon us. The Christmas decorations are taken out of the closet and Curaçao slowly turns into an island with lights everywhere, even more coziness and even more parties. Not only the (tourist) center of the city is beautifully lit (Pontjesbrug and Wilhelminaplein), but also in the residential areas many houses look beautifully lit again.
Christmas markets are widely announced and serious thought must be given to gifts under the tree. But perhaps more importantly, think about where you want to eat this Christmas. There are so many good options, we’ve listed a few in advance.

Christmas 2023 - Curacao Christmas lights Wilhelminaplein letters
Christmas lights at the CURACAO letters in Wilhelmina Square

Book on time!

Since “everyone” wants to eat out at Christmas, it is really necessary to make reservations well in advance. In fact, many restaurants work with reservations only at Christmas and have no room for spontaneous walk-ins anyway. So going out on the spur of the moment during Christmas just to walk into a cozy restaurant: forget it.

Extra luxury at Christmas

If you want to go to one of Curacao’s top restaurants for Christmas dinner, these are the options.

Just do it…

If you’ve grown tired of all those Christmas dinners, here are two delicious tips for “just” eating with your hands on Boxing Day.

Where will you eat this Christmas?

Most restaurants opt for Christmas specials in addition to the regular menu, but there are also restaurants that serve a buffet. Many kitchens are still in the process of establishing Christmas menus to ensure that your Christmas is unforgettable. All in all, it is definitely advisable to make reservations in advance if you want to eat out during the holidays. And remember, as long as you are with fine company you will have a wonderful Christmas anyway.

Christmas 2023 Curacao Fort Nassau dinner
Christmas 2023 Fort Nassau menu
Christmas 2023 Pirate Bay Curacao menu
Christmas 2023 Pirate Bay menu
Christmas 2023 Blues restaurant Curacao
Christmas 2023 Blues restaurant menu

Need more inspiration?

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