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Beaches: Cas Abou

Curacao has many beautiful beaches, but according to many, Cas Abou is the most beautiful beach of all. We can understand why!

Cas Abou

To get to Cas Abao, drive towards Westpunt and follow the signs towards Soto. After villapark Fontein, you will come across a yellow wall on your left with a large sign saying “Cas Abao. Here turn off and after about 8 minutes you will see Landhuis Cas Abao on your right and you can turn left onto the side road towards the beach. Cas Abao is located on private property and is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. At the barrier you pay per car (max. 4 people): Monday to Friday NAF 10, on weekends and holidays NAF 12.50.
The road from the barrier is unpaved, this means that when it rains the road becomes a little slippery and in a period of drought hard and bumpy. However, there is a large parking lot where you can park your car for free. On the beach you will find plenty of palapas, picnic tables, trees and sunbeds. The sunbeds are not the most comfortable beds, but for NAF 5 per bed you can spend a fine day here.

Cas Abou - route from Willemstad

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Cas Abao is the favorite beach of many for a reason, National Geographic named Cas Abao as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sea is bright blue and the sand is whiter than white. Bring your water shoes because when you walk into the sea you may encounter some rocks and stones. But once in the water, you’re not bothered by anything. The water is calm and you can easily see to the bottom. Snorkeling is especially fun if you swim along the rocks on the side and go a little deeper into the water. But in the surf and shallow water, you can see plenty of fish swimming between your legs, it’s that clear. The beach slopes gradually, making it accessible for children to enter the water on their own.

Facilities at Cas Abou

In terms of amenities, things are fine at Cas Abou. There are showers, toilets and even lockers on the beach, as well as a diving school, a massage hut and rental of supboards and canoes. So plenty of facilities. The beach is flat and can be reached without stairs, so for people with mobility problems or people in wheelchairs, Cas Abao is also accessible. Because Cas Abao is quite a large bay you always have plenty of room. However, events are held regularly for which a stretch of beach can be rented. Cas Abao is a popular beach among locals so be sure to arrive on time on weekends.

Beach bar with terrace

You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks at Cas Abou, but you can also enjoy a meal at the beach bar. The food is simple and mostly fried. Would you prefer something else? Then the wrap with fresh tuna salad is a must. There is more than enough seating in the shade to enjoy your snacks and drinks. For example, there is a large palapa with tables and chairs where you can escape the sun for a while. Tip: at the beach bar you can use wifi for free (just ask the staff for a password).

Westcoast catamaran with BBQ & Blue Room

Want to see multiple beaches in one day? Then it’s also fun to take a Westcoast tour on the big catamaran. In addition to a stop at Cas Abao, the catamaran also makes a stop at Kokomo and Blue Room. In addition, a tasty barbecue is provided and the chance of seasickness is minimal, as you will be brought back by bus. Click here for more info.

Cas Abou

All in all, Cas Abou is truly one of the most beautiful beaches in Curacao. Good facilities, beautiful white sand and crystal clear blue sea. This one really has to be on your list to enjoy. Have fun!

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