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Beaches: Karakter

Want a great day chilling at the beach? Or would you rather go to the pool? Or even better, do you want both? Then you can’t skip beach club Karakter and Rooftop bar Koraal. Karakter and Koraal are located at Coral Estate, a resort toward Westpoint consisting of private homes, vacation homes and a hotel.

Karakter & Koraal

In 35 to 40 minutes you drive from downtown Willemstad to beach club Karakter and rooftop bar Koraal. Both sit on the Coral Estate resort, where you’ll find a mix of private homes and vacation accommodations.
To get here (from the city) take the Road to Westpoint. Just past Grote Berg, take the left turn to Kunuku Aqua Resort and St.. Willibrordus. Keep following this road; at the height of Jan Kok enjoy the flamingos, and when you get to St. Willibrordus you arrive turn left in front of the yellow church (can’t miss it). Follow the signs Coral Estate, just be a little careful of the potholes in the road. The grounds are secure, so don’t forget your ID or driver’s license so you can show it at the barriers as you enter Coral Estate.

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Rooftop Bar Koraal

If you like lying by the pool, or don’t want to be covered in sand for once, you can pick a spot at Rooftop Bar Koraal. Because the bar and pool are perched against a rock, you can get a beautiful view of the beach and sea from the pool. The pool consists of 2 parts, a somewhat deeper part and a child-friendly, shallow part. Around the pool you will find beds, hammocks
and umbrellas where you can lie down. These are free if you do consume some. Staff comes by your bedside for drinks and/or food. You can also take a seat at a table in the bar. The nice thing is that you can open an account that you pay in one lump sum at the end of the day.

Beach, lounge and restaurant Karakter

Do you prefer lying on the beach anyway? Then you can walk down the stairs and arrive at the restaurant of Karakter. As you walk through, you can pick a nice spot in the shade, under an umbrella or in the sun. There are benches to relax on as well as beach beds and chairs in which to relax. Karakter is landscaped and that means you cannot walk directly into the sea. Through 1 of the 2 stairs you can reach the sea
in to cool off or snorkel. Afterwards, you can use the outdoor shower. You don’t have to pay for the beds on the beach either. However, you are supposed to order something from the restaurant. You can do this while sunbathing on your beach bed or you can take a seat in the restaurant.

Unwind & relax

Next door to Coral is 8 The Experience, a spa and salon where you can enjoy a wonderful massage, facial or body treatment. You can walk in here on the day, but reservations are recommended. You can also enjoy the sauna and a pool where only spa guests are allowed. If you want to relax for a whole day, you can also take a day pass. This is how you get all the way to


To get to Beachclub Karakter, you have to go down a flight of stairs. As a result, the beach is not accessible to people with mobility problems. Fortunately, though, Koraal is ground-level and wheelchair accessible. Restrooms are located both upstairs at Koraal and on the way down the stairs to Karakter.
You can enjoy a variety of dining options. So you can eat on the beach and in the restaurant at Karakter, in the rooftop bar at Koraal, but also near the parking lot is a bakery and pizza store in one; Bread and more/ Pizza and More. Did you know that you can even order NutHouse’ s healthy goodies online and pick them up at Bread and more on Thursdays!
Superb! In addition to delicious food, you can also shop for souvenirs and jewelry.

Diving lesson

If you would like to (learn to) dive or do water sports you can also join Karakter. In fact, this is where diving school Coral Divers is located. They offer a wide package of activities including getting your PADI, taking an Advanced Diving course, renting a SUP or Kayak and freediving courses.

Delicious massage

Whether you’re a beach lover, pool lover, massage lover, scuba diver or all, at Karakter and Koraal you’ve come to the right place. Whether you go with family, seniors, partner or friends, both beach and pool are accessible to a wide audience. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service and food are good. So you are guaranteed a wonderful day either way.

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