Lunch op Curacao

Lunch & Coffee on Curacao

In Curaçao, you have many nice places for a delicious coffee or tasty lunch. You can choose a place lovely in the air conditioning or with a sea view. To give you some guidance, we’ve listed a few of our favorite coffee & lunch spots.

Nut House (The Sane Sister Health Bar)

In Mahaai across from supermarket Center, you’ll find Nut House, a healthy store and lunch spot in one. Nut House was founded in 2020 and you can buy only vegan products here. The name says it all, they mainly sell nuts and nut butters. But superfoods and dried fruits are also plentiful here. The great thing about Nut House is that they season, roast, and package their products themselves. They also make the nut butters and nut milks entirely in-house.

The Sane Sister Health Bar

Nuthouse Curacao lunch The Sane Sister

The Sane Sister is a brand that falls under Nut House and specializes in fresh juices. For example, you can buy a juice cure from them with over 8 kilos of fruits and vegetables in it. The menu at Nut House/The Sane Sister does not feature standard sandwiches, but smoothie bowls, smoothies and juices. All healthy, packed with and fruits and vegetables and super tasty. The display case features freshly made, healthy, yet very tasty, snacks such as stuffed dates, protein bars, mini cakes and cookies. Especially if you are vegetarian or vegan, this place is highly recommended. There aren’t many of those on the island. You can sit in the shop or outside on the patio, or you can take a coffee, snack, bowl or smoothie to go.
S.B.N. van Staverenweg 2, Mahaai | | WhatsApp: +5999 521 4008

Number Ten

Number Ten lunch bagel salmon salmon

Since late 2017, Number Ten has been located at 10 Santa Rosa Road. In those years, the company has grown tremendously from 34 to 134 seats. These seating areas are spread across different rooms in the building, and all of them are styled differently. You can also take a seat in the large courtyard garden. This breakfast and lunch joint is open Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 3 pm.
Number Ten has been a success from Day 1 for a reason. Craving a good coffee with a piece of cake? Fancy some pancakes? Or still prefer something savory like a breakfast bagel or quesadilla? At Number Ten, it’s all possible! In fact, business is so good that in February 2023, the Bonaire branch opened. One of the things that is so nice about this delicious lunch spot is that they customize their cakes, cakes, coffees according to the season. These dishes are always being added to the menu so you don’t have to worry that your favorite is no longer there.
Santa Rosaweg 10 | | WhatsApp: +5999 522 8069

Noça Bake Shop

In January 2023, Noça Bake Shop opened its doors at 23 Mahaaiweg.“Noça” (pronounced Nossa) is the Portuguese version of“dushi,” the Papiamento word for nice/pretty/tasty. In Portugal, they say Noça when something is tasty or fun. In fact, one of the owners, Stefan, is from Portugal. Together with his Curaçao partner, Chantal, and an international team, they run the shop. This micro bakery, as they call themselves, is open Tuesday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. and Saturday between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Everything is freshly prepared and baked.

Noca Bake Shop Curacao lunch coffee

Among other things, you can eat delicious sandwiches, cakes, sweets and sandwiches here or take to go. Noça Bake Shop also makes fresh lemonades and delicious coffees. The nice thing about Noça is that they put their own twist on dishes and choose products and dishes you don’t often find on Curaçao menus. So you can order a typical delicacy from Portugal, the pastel de nata, as well as croissants in their own way, quiche, scones or the Noça Bake Shop coffee blend. Custom orders? No problem, if you let us know 2 days in advance what you would like to have. The shop is small, but fine. With a couch and a cozy nook, you get a huge homey feeling. And everything here is delicious. Really worthwhile.
Mahaaiweg 23, Mahaai | Noça Bake Shop on Facebook | WhatsApp: +5999 529 4296


Crazy about brunch? Then Cafelito is the place to be. Cafelito can be found in Saliña Galeries C103 on Salinja Abou Street (also called Kaya Max Henriquez). You can park your car in front of the door for free. There is seating both outside on the nicely dressed terrace, and inside in the air-conditioned room. Cafelito’s concept is all-day brunch. So the pancakes and waffles can be ordered throughout the day, but if you want to eat fries in the morning, you can also. Cafelito is open Monday through Sunday. You can get in daily between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., only on Sundays they are open between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Cafelito lunch koffie curacao love latte 800x450 1

The coffees at Cafelito are to be recommended. For example, they even have a pink Cafelito Love Latte on the menu. Are you more into teas, smoothies or cold lemonades? The choice is vast. TIP: Homemade Blueberry Lemonade. Whether you go for pink waffles, French toast on black bread or the vegetarian sweet potato croquettes. Everything is equally delicious. In addition, there is a tremendously nice team in the business whose passion for their craft you can see. Not only crazy about brunch, but also mimosas or bellinis? Then Brunch Sunday is an event not to be missed.
Salina Aboustraat/Kaya Max Henriquez | | WhatsApp: +5999 843 9333

La Reina Coffee, Food & Lifestyle

La Reina lunch coffee curacao pietermaai

In Pietermaai, in Punda, is La Reina. A coffee shop where you can have a great lunch, score good coffee and buy nice things for home decor/gifts or clothes. From Monday to Saturday, you can sit inside or on the shaded terrace between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Try La Reina’s unique coffee blend or go for a homemade ice tea. Need something stronger? There is no shortage of wine on the menu. Need coffee and something stronger? Then the espresso martini tops the menu. The breakfast and lunch menu is diverse. So you can order many dishes on a sandwich, bagel or wrap. But delicious quinoa bowls are also not lacking at La Reina. Crazy about sweet? Take a look at the display case at the counter and your mouth will be watering.
Kaya Wilson Godett 86, Pietermaai | La Reina on Facebook |. WhatsApp: +5999 565 4841

What do you think?

Piece by piece, these lunch spots are huge recommendations. Whether you fancy healthy foods, freshly baked sandwiches or fancy a big slice of cake. We can’t decide which is the tastiest. There is only one solution, and that is to try them all. Above all, let us know which restaurant is your favorite.

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