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Living in a Curacao country house

Curacao still has dozens of country houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. Some are ruins and by far uninhabitable. But there are also mansions that are still in good condition, often restored and fine to live in. A perfect example is Huize Batavia in Otrobanda. NaarCuracao got to take a look at this authentic country house and talked to the owner.

Country house in the middle of the city

Officially, Huize Batavia no longer falls under the heading of “Country House” because it is now in the middle of the city. However, this used to be different. In fact, back then the current front of the mansion was the back of the house and the current back was the front entrance. Water ran at the then rear until the 1960s and 1970s, comparable to today’s Waaigat in Punda. Consequently, there were 2 bridges to get across. This land has been reclaimed and here you can now find the Rif Fort and Corendon resorts, among others, and you can see the mighty cruise ships.

Huize Batavia Curacao Otrobanda

Renovation project

Manor Batavia has been owned by several owners, but the current owner has lived in this beautiful landmark property since 2016. He took over from the Winkel family, who had lived in the mansion for 2 generations. When the current owner took over, much had to be done to make the mansion practical and habitable again. Walls everywhere, the layout was not logical and the wood in the ceilings had been eaten away by termites. So a real renovation project.

Renovated into beautiful authentic mansion

In all, it took about 4 years to restore Huize Batavia single-handedly. And the results are there to be seen. The mansion consists of a beautiful spacious living room and a large library. A corridor runs around these rooms and in the corner there is another bedroom. All the wood was replaced with treated hardwood to keep termites away and all the electrics were renewed. In addition, a huge living kitchen was created in the mansion. Upstairs are a pleasant workspace with bath and bedroom. Outside, a lovely porch has been constructed where you sit dry and on the wind, making it very pleasant to sit outside. So this porch ranks #1 when you ask the owners what their favorite spot is in and around the mansion. The original cistern behind the property has now been transformed into a lovely pool where you have sun until it sinks behind the house in the late afternoon.

Modern comfort & history

If you are a great lover of Curaçao history, monumental properties and an authentic feel, a country house is the perfect place to live. It requires some maintenance, but you get a tremendous amount in return. The current owners have decorated the house according to the old colonial era. This means that a lot of antique furniture can be found in the interior and it feels a bit like walking into a museum. The mansion is sustainably built, for example, the walls are made of coral stone. This ensures that the house survives weather and wind as well as being nice and cool inside. Besides, you live high up so you won’t be bothered by floods or unwanted pests. Huize Batavia is thus a wonderful combination of modern comfort and Curaçao history.

Blood Bank

Originally, Huize Batavia consists of 2 parts. The ground floor and the 2 floors above are separated. Families used to live both downstairs and upstairs. Now that is different, as the first floor has housed the Blood Bank of Curacao for 17 years. By the way, as a resident you don’t notice any of this, if you are sitting on the porch you don’t notice when the Blood Bank has visitors. The Blood Bank has a lease of at least 6 years remaining which means you are guaranteed a pleasant source of income.

Entrepreneurs, beware!

The great thing about this mansion is that it has immense potential. The current owners had a thriving Saturday and Sunday concept until Covid. From noon to 6 p.m., the mansion was open for a typical English high-tea. Therefore, a restaurant license is still in place. There is also a large bar on the side of the property. The mansion is perfect for parties and weddings AND there is enough space for a boutique hotel. Do you love cooking as much as the current owner? Then the living room and courtyard garden are a good location for a restaurant or bistro. Moreover, Otrobanda is in full development. So you are in this mansion super central to the (tourist) center of the city.

Your lucky day

On Open Monument Day, you can visit this beautiful mansion. In 2023, Huize Batavia was the busiest monument in the Otrobanda neighborhood. But … are you entrepreneurial, have a love for listed buildings and would love nothing more than to live in such a beautiful property? Then you are lucky. In fact, Country House Batavia is for sale. By now all the children have left home and the mansion is getting a little big for the current residents. And we can assure you of one thing, it is really no punishment to live in such a beautiful authentic property. Take a look!

Huize Batavia Otrobanda Curacao library

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