Jan Thiel beach Curacao

Beaches: Jan Thiel

One of the most famous and popular beaches in Curacao is undoubtedly Jan Thiel beach. A lovely beach, equipped with every comfort and with plenty of beach bars and nice shops around it.

Jan Thiel beach

In southeastern Curaçao, at the end of Caracasbaaiweg, lies the Jan Thiel neighborhood with Jan Thiel Beach on the coast. This beach is private property so you pay NAF 6 p.p. for entry. However, you can park for free and your car is guarded behind a barrier.
The beauty of Jan Thiel beach is that it is within walking distance of many popular accommodations. Jan Thiel is a real hotspot for tourists from the Netherlands, with accommodations such as Papagayo, Chogogo, Livingstone and Morena Resort. There are also many very nice vacation villas right behind the beach.
If your accommodation is further away, you will have to take the car to Jan Thiel where you can only get there via the Caracas Bay Road.
Jan Thiel beach is constructed (not a natural beach), making it a pleasant beach. No need for water shoes, you walk gradually into the water and because of the breakwaters that shield the bay from the waves coming in from the sea, you have wonderfully calm seawater here. Ideal for children.

Jan Thiel beach Curacao

Jan Thiel beach: lots of things to do!

Jan Thiel Beach consists of 4 Beach clubs and 5 restaurants, each with a completely unique identity. The great thing about Jan Thiel Beach are all the facilities on and around the beach. For example, a number of resorts are within walking distance of the beach, there is a supermarket next to the beach, as well as a number of nice stores, and there are plenty of sports facilities.

Beach beds in all price ranges

All Beach Clubs have beds, shaded areas and they serve out on the beach at all four. How comfortable do you want it to be! The luxury and prices of the beds vary, which means you can have a bed for the day at Zanzibar for as little as NAF 6 and at Koko’s and Papagayo for NAF 10. Want a little more luxury? Then you can rent cabanas or palapas at Zest and Papagayo that you can fit 2-4 people on. Here the prices are between NAF 60 and 100 including a (loaner) towel, bottle of water and at Papagayo even snacks.

Sun, sea, beach and pool

Not only can you lie by the sea at Jan Thiel, at Papagayo you also have a saltwater pool. Ideal if you are with small children, don’t like fishing or want to chill in the water with a drink in hand. Children can have fun not only in the pool, but also at the nearby playground. To snorkel, swim to the raft or just float in the waves, you can walk into the sea at Zest, Zanzibar and Koko’s via the beach or one of the stairs.

Happy Hours

Jan Thiel Beach is also known for its fun Saturdays at Zanzibar. Here they start building the bucket bar as early as noon. In fact, from 5 to 6 p.m., you have Happy Hour with good deals on beer, wine and cocktails. So the beach will really be transformed into a real party with DJs and live music. Each week there is a different band to get the crowd swinging. And such a celebration is not complete without a delicious take-away pizza from the stone oven. And you don’t have to worry about being tired the next day because the party only lasts until 00:00. Not only Zanzibar has a happy hour, at Zest you can join us on Fridays from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. for a Happy Hour entirely dedicated to Aperol Spritz.

Always something to do at Jan Thiel Beach

If you like to do something active, you have also come to the right place at Jan Thiel Beach. So you can learn to flyboard, play beachtennis or -volleyball and (learn to) dive. If you prefer to exercise in the evening when it has cooled down a bit, it is definitely recommended to take a look at the beach tennis courts between Zest and Zanzibar. Here you can rent a court all week, or join in on one of the racket nights on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Want to shop? Picking up a new bikini, an air mattress or souvenirs with the famous Chichi ladies on them? Then you can also visit Jan Thiel Beach. Both in the parking lot at Papagayo, and in between Zanzibar and Koko’s, there are some nice little stores where you can take a break from the hot sun. It doesn’t end there because even beauty and wellness can be found on the beach. For example, there is a massage hut between Tinto Bar Y Cocina and Zanzibar, where you can just walk in or get a massage by appointment. And at Zanzibar, you can get pampered with a manicure and/or pedicure by appointment.

Klein Curacao from Jan Thiel beach

The No. 1 excursion on Curacao is a day trip by boat to Klein Curacao. The beauty of Jan Thiel beach is that 2 boats leave from this beach to Klein Curacao. Every day at least one BlueFinn catamaran leaves from the jetty at Zanzibar to Klein Curacao, and at least 4 times a week you can board the sturdy Powerboat.

Dining (with your feet in the sand)

For breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, Jan Thiel Beach is the place to be. At Papagayo you can go from breakfast to dinner, at Zest you can eat in the restaurant or on the beach Breakfast they serve only in the restaurant. You can also visit Zanzibar throughout the day and evening, and Kokos offers delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks. In between Zanzibar and Koko’s is the only restaurant that serves only dinner from 5 p.m., Tinto Bar Y Cocina. A tip for romance: If you get a table at 6 p.m. at Tinto on the jetty, you’ll be sitting above the sea with a magnificent “golden hour” of sunset.

Carefree to the beach

At Jan Thiel Beach, everything is well organized. There are showers available, (disabled) toilets, walkways and shaded areas. This makes Jan Thiel Beach accessible to everyone. In addition, there is always surveillance running and your car is safely behind the barrier. Besides the well-regulated facilities, the place is also hearty and cozy. With its diverse offerings, you can entertain yourself for days here. In short: Jan Thiel Beach is a must-see during your vacation on Curacao!

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