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Child-friendly boat tour Fuik Bay

$ 89
Looking for a fun and enjoyable boat ride that will also delight small children? Then join the pirate boat Sinbad: the most child-friendly boat ride in Curacao. Everything on the boat is designed with the idea that, above all, it should be fun and safe for small children. And you know: if your kids are having fun, you’re having fun!

Day trip with pirate boat Sinbad

In the Fishing Harbour, home of the Sinbad, the boat immediately catches the eye because of the pirate high up in the crow’s nest keeping an eye on everything. And then your day trip has yet to begin! With this day trip, you will enjoy yourself at Fuikbaai. Of course, the day trip is all-inclusive!

Every Wednesday and Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Child-friendly boat tour Fuik Bay

  • Curacao’s most fun boat for all the family
  • Boarding at Fishing Harbour (Vissershaven), southside of Spanish Waters.
  • All-Inclusive, with fresh pizza lunch
  • Day trip to Fuik Bay
  • Incl. drinks, from lunch also beer & wine
  • Incl. use of kayak, slide & sling rope
  • Now only a down payment, the rest you pay just at check-in

Curacao’s most child-friendly boat ride!

What does the Day Trip Fuikbaai look like?

Of course, you don’t want to start the day stressed out with the kids, so this boat ride doesn’t leave until 11:00 AM. Time enough to get up easily and get ready for a fun day!
At an amiable speed, the Hakuna Matata goes across the Spanish Water toward the “exit” to the sea. If possible, the sail is hoisted and you get even more of that relaxing vacation feeling. With any luck, some dolphins will come out to say hello to the boat, so look around carefully!

At sea, we set course along the coastline toward Fuik Bay. A beautiful bay accessible only by water so you won’t encounter crowds of tourists. After about half an hour of sailing, the boat arrives at Fuikbaai and it’s PLAYTIME! On the boat is a slide that lets you splash in the sea, a swinging rope for the really tough guys and a real kayak with which you can explore the bay. And since the boat anchors right by the beach, you can also just head to the beach to sunbathe or make the most beautiful sand castles. Shovels, buckets, etc. are on the boat, so you don’t have to lug that around yourself.

Around 12:30, delicious freshly prepared pizzas are offered for lunch. After lunch you can enjoy even more of all the boat and Fuik Bay have to offer. And is your child a little too tired from all the morning play? No problem: you can take a nice nap in the hammock on the boat!
Unfortunately, at 15:30 it is already time to raise the anchor and set course for Spanish Water, where you will arrive at the Fishing Harbour around 16:00 which will end the day’s trip. The children, tired but no doubt satisfied, can say goodbye to skipper Joe and Soraida and you will return to your accommodations satisfied.

Rate & payment

– From 13 years of age: US$ 89 p.p.
– Children ages 4 to 12: US$ 49 p.p.
– Children up to 3 years of age: free
This price is all-in, with drinks, lunch and use of toys. Starting at lunchtime, beer and wine will be available.

A deposit of US$ 18 per adult and US$ 8 per child is required upon reservation. You won’t have to pay the balance until you check in on the boat.

Private trip

Want to rent this fun family boat for a private trip? Of course you can! Then send an email or an app with when, how many people, etc. and we will arrange it for you.

Curacao’s most kid-friendly day trip, all-inclusive and full of water fun for young & old!

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Curacaos only boat with slide

At booking only a deposit, the rest on the boat

Best service, best price

Trip with Pirate Boat

Piratenboot Sinbad - Dagtocht Fuikbaai

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