24-7 Taxi Curacao

In Curacao, walking or biking is really not an option. It is too hot or lacks safe hiking and biking trails. How to easily arrange a cab? With 24-7 Taxi Curacao’s app, it’s quickly arranged.

Need a cab now?

Do you need a cab right now? A caller is faster! Call +5999 844 9247.

24-7 Taxi Curacao

Curacao is a wonderful island for vacation. And often you can walk around your accommodation to the beach, some stores or restaurants. But sometimes it’s nice to go a little further afield. A rental car is then a possibility, but it is usually only available from 4 days of rental. A cab is then a great solution. And 24-7 Taxi Curacao is Curacao’s largest cab organization; they drive comfortable cars and about 50 reliable drivers.

Quick & simple cab

At 24-7 Taxi Curacao you always arrange a cab with ease. This can be done in several ways:

Via the 24-7 Taxi app

The fastest and easiest way to book a cab on Curacao is through the app of 24-7 Taxi Curacao. When you open the app, the pickup location is easily selected as the place where you are at the time. And to indicate where to go, you can enter an address/location or look it up via the map. And that’s handy, because as a tourist, you know where many locations are (approximately), but have no idea what the street is called.
You can immediately see which cabs are available and what it will cost. Super simple, super fast arrangement. The app is available in the Apple App Store and also in Google Play.

Quickly create account

To use the app, you need to create an account once, but that’s easily done without all sorts of verification steps. Enter your name, phone number, email address and then just a password. That’s all. And you can get right to work arranging a cab.
Click on the image from Apple App Store or Google Play for your download.

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24-7 Taxi Curacao through an app to arrange a cab

WhatsApp or call

If you need a cab once and do not find it necessary to download an app and create an account to do so, you can of course easily order a cab by phone. This can be done via WhatsApp or just a call:


24-7 Taxi Curacao can be reached via WhatsApp at telnr. +5999 844 9247.


24-7 Taxi Curacao can be reached by phone at telnr. +5999 844 9247.


Did you know that Curacao cabs do not operate with a cab meter? As a result, you often don’t know what your ride will cost or the price still has to be negotiated. Fortunately, 24-7 Taxi works with a fixed price per km, so you always know in advance what your cab ride will cost.

Cab pay

You simply don’t pay for the cab ride until after you arrive at your destination. So you don’t have to pay in advance through the app. You can pay at the driver’s door with cash (in Guilders or US Dollars) or with your debit or credit card. Payment by debit or credit card does incur a 3% surcharge. And 24-7 Taxi Curacao is one of the few cabs in Curacao where you can also pay with Apple Pay.

Download the cab app

Tip: download the cab app now and create your account right away. Then you can arrange a cab all quick and easy when you need a cab on Curacao later.

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