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Parachute jumping

$ 299
By far the coolest activity you can do on Curacao: parachute jumping! Take a magnificent tandem jump and discover Curacao from above. With skydiving, you have both. Do you dare to take the plunge?

Parachuting on Curacao

Parachuting is really something you are never going to regret. It is such a cool experience, you see all of Curacao from above and it gives a huge boost to jump out of the plane. You make a tandem jump where you hang safely from a very experienced jumpmaster. The jumpmaster is totally in control, but once the parachute is opened you get to steer for a while yourself. Super cool!

Every day possible

Zie Curacao vanaf 3km hoogte

Jump takes over 7 minutes

Safe: More than 20 years of experience

  • Vanaf 12 jr.
  • Geen ervaring vereist
  • Maximum gewicht 125 kg
  • Half uur rondvlucht boven Curacao
  • Vrije val van zo’n 45 seconden


Het tarief van het parachute springen is € 274 p.p., bij reservering doe je een aanbetaling van € 25 p.p.

What does the parachute jump look like?

When you arrive at SkyDive Curacao, you will first have a short registration process(Don’t forget: bring ID!). Next, an instructor will give you a briefing on the dynamics of the jump in about 10 minutes. Once the introduction is complete, you are ready to take to the air! In the plane (a Cesna C-182) you fly for about half an hour, until you reach an altitude of 10,000 feet to make the jump. Then it gets really nice and exciting. The door opens and you are attached to your jumpmaster. You both stand on a board outside the plane and…. “GO!!! “. You experience about 45 seconds of pure adrenaline during the free fall and then 7 minutes of flying with the parachute open, where you can get the best view of the island and even control the parachute for a few minutes. Landing is on the grounds at Skydive Curaçao, at the same location you checked in at the office (near the Aloe Farm). In total from check-in to recovering from landing you will spend about 2 hours with the tandem jump.


Of course, this tandem jump is safe. You jump with a very experienced jumpmaster and everything is thoroughly checked. You don’t need a course or the like, though of course you will receive the necessary instructions beforehand. Statistically, you are also on the right side: the chances of something going wrong with skydiving are very, very small. But at the same time: skydiving is an extreme sport with associated risks.

This tandem jump is possible for anyone weighing less than 275 lbs. In terms of age, we recommend “12 yr. and up,” but that is not a hard requirement. As long as you are aware of what you are going to do, follow the jumpmaster’s instructions and are able to land securely on your feet when landing, then you can join in.

Deze tour wordt uitgevoerd door SkyDive Curacao. Boek je deze tour, dan ga je de overeenkomst aan met SkyDive Curacao, zij zijn ook de verantwoordelijke partij voor de uitvoering en kwaliteit van de tour.

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