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Catamaran on Curacao

Catamarans in Curacao are popular. And we agree! Nothing gives you a better vacation feeling of sailing around Curacao on a sailboat like that. Delightful lying in the nets, cold drink in your hand, sun on your face and relaxed music in the background. The best you can get in the Caribbean…

All-Inclusive Catamaran

Curacao catamaran trips are actually always All-Inclusive, unless clearly stated otherwise. Some trips just a little more elaborate than others, but all offer the convenience of not having to bring money on board and just enjoying yourself.

The Catamarans


BlueFinn catamaran Klein Curacao

BlueFinn Charters’ Black & White and Apache catamarans are Curacao’s largest and newest catamarans, as well as the most popular. They sail every day, to Klein Curacao, the Westcoast or the Sunset Cruise. Always All-Inclusive, including Premium Open Bar: A-brand alcoholic beverages. Departs from Jan Thiel, so within walkable distance for many tourists.


curacao catamaran Top Cat Breeze mini catamaran

The Top Cat is a mini catamaran in name, but on board it is always the biggest party! This is truly a top cat: because of its size, this is Curacao’s fastest catamaran. With a super nice crew that will make it a really fun day every time.

Irie Tours

catamaran curacao cool runnings irie tours jonalisa

Irie Tours also has two large catamarans, the Cool Runnings and the Rastamaran. The beauty of Irie Tours’ Klein Curacao trip is that they almost always have seats available. On Wednesdays and Fridays, you can also join Irie’s Sunset Sail.

Catamarans on Curacao

Various Catamaran trips

The catamarans, all in their own form, offer various trips. Some trips are fairly similar, but sometimes it’s also a really unique trip.

Klein Curacao by Catamaran

BlueFinn catamaran Klein Curacao

Surely the most popular boat trip is a day trip to Klein Curacao. The beautiful uninhabited island at appr. 90 minutes by boat. Of course, such an uninhabited island combined with a large sailyacht is really nothing short of a true Robinson experience!

Snorkeling Trip by Catamaran

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This is our personal favorite. A very fun 3-in-1 snorkeling tour. You will visit 3 totally different snorkeling sites. You have a meet & greet with dolphins on the open sea, you snorkel near a sunken tugboat and in a relaxing bay.

Sunset Cruise by Catamaran

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Truly a wonderful romantic ending to an average day on Curacao: a Sunset cruise by catamaran. Watch the sunset from the sea and you will appreciate your Curacao vacation even more.

Westcoast trip by Catamaran

curacao catamaran west coast tour blue c

You can also explore the West Coast of Curacao. And according to many, this is actually a nicer trip than Klein Curacao. If only because you visit multiple beaches, and thus discover more of Curacao.

Catamarans on Curacao